Project 52 – Bridges

I have to say – I was so excited when I found out what this week’s theme for Project 52 was. Bridges! How cool is that? I was thrilled to make a day trip out of exploring my area in search of the perfect bridge. And even more than that – I was incredibly excited to work with the two gorgeous models that I had specifically picked out for this shoot. If you haven’t yet met my gorgeous fuzzy niece and nephew – you’re about to. Simba and Nala were exactly the perfect pair for this kind of adventure. They are sweet, wonderfully well-behaved (if not the tiniest bit rambunctious) and of course – outrageously good-looking. So, it was off to my brother’s house to pick up the waggly fuzzbutts and onto a magical quest in search of our bridge!

For days before this shoot, I had googled and googled and endlessly googled bridges in my area – heck, even my entire state – and had such a hard time finding anything that I really loved. I gotta tell ya – it’s hard to search for parks by what kinds of small bridges they may have laying about inside of them. So all I knew for sure is that I’d have two hyperactive, overwhelmingly adorable puppies by my side and, on a hope and a whim, we’d somehow make the best of it. Well, the day couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Not long after driving around, we stumbled upon the most perfect bridge on the campus of a quaint New England college. We had the time of our lives running around like crazies – playing, jumping, collecting sticks and of course photographing. I couldn’t have done it without my two puppy wranglers – my wonderful boyfriend Sam and our amazing friend Haley. (thanks guys! :))

So without further ado, I present to you – Simba and Nala and our happy bridge!

Β© Dog Breath Photography

I hope I prepared you accurately for their cuteness. It’s overwhelming, I know. πŸ˜› They are the physical manifestation of pure sunshine and joy. And for the ability to know and infinitely love this perfect pair – I am absolutely the luckiest.

(Also, the bridge wasn’t too bad either.)

Now head on over to the talented Melissa McCabe at Unleashed Pet PortraitsΒ to see what kind of bridge she found! (And hopefully the gorgeous pups that come with it!) Follow the blog links all the way back around the circle and end up right back where you started – right here! πŸ™‚ Enjoy every wonderful minute of it.



21 thoughts on “Project 52 – Bridges”

  1. Too many awesome shots!!! I can’t pick a favorite!! I especially love the gray pup with his head through the bridge, the running shot underneath it, and the very last shot. Fantastic!

  2. That is an amazing bridge and I love how you really explored the location from so many different angles. The ones with the doggie’s faces peeking through the side of the bridge are probably my favs.

  3. You hit the jackpot! With wonderful results! Each shot just kept getting better, and that last one is definitely MY favorite (followed quite closely by the running-down-the-bridge shot). Great job!

  4. Gorgeous photos of Simba and Nala . . . I like how you brought the bridge into the photos by having the dogs stick their heads through the bars. And of course, any shot with a dog running towards the photographer is bound to make a person smile!

  5. Fantastic series. I always have a look right round the blog ring, then go round again and comment, after the first go round, I just could not get your images out of my head. Everything is just perfect, super bridge, great angles and super, super models!! I hope we get to see more of these two.

  6. I absolutely love these! so many good ones and those puppies are giving me estrogen overload! love love the location too πŸ™‚

  7. Reblogged this on Pink Biscotti and commented:
    I really want a pit, more and more each day. Can’t wait til that can finally happen for me.
    Kaylee Greer has some awesome doggy photos on her blog. All way too cute for sure!!! Check it out!

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