Project 52, Toby

Project 52 – Jumps and Cuddles!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Jumps and Cuddles! And really,when it comes to four-legged fur butts, is there anything better than those two things? (I’ll give you a hint: nope!) So part one of this blog post is – you guessed it – Jumps! I have to say, I’ve seen more dogs soaring through the air in my pet photography career thus far than I ever thought possible. Here’s to canine flight!


© Dog Breath Photography


Part 2 is not only the best part of this blog post, but the best part of my life! You’ve probably seen him around here on the blog once or twice but in case you’ve missed him somehow – I’d like to introduce you to the one and only handsomest man in the land – my fur child Toby! Toby is my world, my peace and my heart all wrapped into one waggling fuzzy body. He is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me and he certainly deserves his shining moment of glory in this blog post because he is my number one cuddler. I can’t think of ‘Cuddles’ without immediately thinking of Toby’s smooshy face. On any given day you can find all 85 lbs of him curled up underneath the sheets of my queen sized bed. He sleeps like a mack truck and generally enjoys pressing his black nose up to my ear while at ultimate snoring volume. He dreams in brilliant colors of  puppy action movies and typically ends up paw punching me in the face in the middle of the night due to all the excitement. There is absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do for this dog. He is my light. He helps me to see the world with the simplest, purest form of joy. He gives me everything and asks for nothing in return. There is absolutely no creature on the planet that I would rather cuddle.



So there you have it – the ‘Jumps and Cuddles’ that are some of the most wonderful and joyful parts of my life! Now, click on over to Georgian Bay Studios to find out what kinds of jumps and cuddles have been happening over there! Click all the way back around and wind up right here with Mr. Toby and I. We’ll be waiting!! 🙂




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