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Fancy Schmancy New Business Cards!

Today, my new business cards arrived in the mail from Moo. My last shipment of cards for my happy little Boston dog photography venture ran out pretty quickly (yay! I’d like to think that’s a great thing.) so I had to reorder last week. And – ahhh! They couldn’t be more beautiful! The last time I got a shipment from Moo I gushed about their incredible quality products and amazing customer service so I’ll save you the spiel this time. I’ll just sum it up with a ‘Heck Yeah’ for new business cards!

I decided not to change anything about the front of my cards since my last order due to the fact that I’m thoroughly in love with my logo and color scheme. I did however get to finally update my portfolio photos on the back of my cards! (It’s amazing how much changes in less than a year!) Moo sells a portfolio pack of business cards geared towards photographers which is just wonderful because it means there is a different image on the back of every card.

Looking through the cards when they came in this morning gave me the giggles. It’s amazing to see all the different smiling fuzzy faces I’ve gotten the privilege to photograph over the past year all lined up next to eachother. It’s a happy, colorful reminder of how incredibly lucky I am to be doing what I dream every day. There is nothing better than those waggling fuzzy butts of theirs. 🙂 Hurrah for dog breath!


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