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Project 52 – From the Hip

There’s a term that photographers use for taking photos without looking through the viewfinder – or heck, without even really looking at all – and it’s called ‘shooting from the hip’. It’s something I do quite often when I photograph dogs and that’s why I was so excited when it turned out to be this week’s theme for Project 52! Photographing animals is all about capturing that happy, random moment of whimsy. It’s about finding that truth that only an animal will share so openly.

I majorly abuse the ‘high speed continuous’ shooting mode on my camera and with that comes lots of shooting without looking through the viewfinder. Sometimes I have a plan, sometimes I ride on pure luck.

The following photos all came as a result of shooting from my hip. (or my feet, or above my head, or when flailing wildly while being attacked with slobbery puppy kisses). And I love these photos so much because out of all the thousands of images in my library – these are the ones make me laugh the most. They are the absolute essence of the truth and spirit of these incredible animals that I have the privilege of photographing. They are my happy accidents. πŸ™‚









The good news is that the sweet waggly fuzzy face viewing isn’t over! Head on over to Steph Skardal Photography to see what happens when she ‘shoots from the hip’! And, you know the deal – if you follow the links all the way around – you’ll end up right back here with me! Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Project 52 – From the Hip”

  1. I am really drawn to the image of the yellow lab with the ball in his mouth. Love that composition even though it’s really non-traditional. I love that kind of shot!! Good job!

  2. Fantstic work, love them all, but just can’t go past the set of the brindle dog, such expression πŸ™‚

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