Vote For Me & I’ll Give You a Cookie! :)

My boyfriend and I recently entered a contest for B&H Photo Video (a dream of a camera store which all of my fellow photographer friends probably know well!). The instructions for the contest were to create a video of yourself unboxing a B&H package. Simple, right? Well, no – Sam and I had to make it into a big production and spend hours outside in the freezing cold battling each other on the concrete. You’ll see what I mean. haha. But all of the hard work payed off and our video was picked by the judges to be in the top 15 out of over 500 other entries! Now, all it needs is your votes to win. So, if you would so kindly click here and vote for us – I would be forever grateful! The grand prize is a fancy new camera – so I can promise you more puppy photos than ever before if we win. Thank you SO SO much!






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