Pupparazzi: One Last Chance To Change It All

Ever since the very beginning, dogs have always been my reason.

I remember the times when tiny 5 year old Kaylee would go blasting across the street at every dog that would pass by screaming my little head off with delight. (in retrospect, of course not the most effective way to approach a dog – but the sentiment remains. haha!)

I always knew I wanted to surround myself with the purity of dog. With their love, their kindness, and their unending joy. I never, in a million years, however would have believed you if you told me about the unbelievable journey I would one day go on with dogs by my side.

Honestly guys, all of this beautiful chaos and adventure with Pupparazzi is still completely surreal to me. I still have a hard time believing it’s actually happening and yet, it finally feels like I’ve arrived at a place where I was always meant to be – doing the one thing that I know I was put on the planet to do. Speaking for the dogs that I love so much.

The third episode of Pupparazzi airs this Saturday night, at 10pm on Nat Geo Wild. Right now, this is the last episode that will be aired and measured before the network makes it’s decision – a decision that could change the trajectory of my life forever — whether or not Pupparazzi will continue forward as a series. It’s my last chance to show the team of executives and creators at Nat Geo that people do truly care about these dogs and their stories, and the public has put a piece of their hearts in this mission I am on in bringing a voice to those who have been left behind in shelters all over the country.

So this is me, asking you, from the bottom of my heart, and for the love of dogs everywhere, to tune in live to Episode 3 on Saturday night at 10/9 PM Central on Nat Geo Wild for this last chance for ratings (and tell every single person you know about Pupparazzi too!! 😜)

And for anyone who missed it, here are some fun photos from the first two episodes (which you can still catch, streaming on Nat Geo’s website here!: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/pupparazzi/)


Hope to see you all, my friends old and new, on Saturday night on Nat Geo Wild!!


Episode 1: Little Poindexter waited for 2 long years in his shelter cage for someone to come and change his fate forever. So we took him to a mountaintop to do his adoption photo, tune in to see what happens after this moment. 🙂 
Episode 1: Chance is a therapy Pit Bull who works with emotionally challenged children at an elementary school just outside of Denver, CO. We decided to turn him into the proper superhero that he is. The behind-the-scenes of this shoot is just cuckoo bananas fun! Check it out in Ep 1!
Episode 2: Breck was found wandering the through the endless expanses of the Florida Everglades after being abandoned there by his previous owner. We took an airboat to one of the most special locations of all time to tell his amazing story. 
Episode 2: Kanga and Roo are two incredibly special little Chihuahuas who were born without front legs due to a birth defect. The good news? They don’t let that slow them down! Watch their epic photo shoot in Episode 2 of Pupparazzi! 



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