Pupparazzi on Nat Geo WILD!



Oh goodness, I have something to tell you!!! I have been bursting at the seams with happy dance excitement and honestly, I can’t believe I conquered the impossible feat of keeping this all squashed inside my chest while I waited for the moment to finally let it out and shout it from the rooftops!!! (Run-on sentence, I know.)  

So, clearly, I have some news.

And it’s not just your regular ol’ run of the mill, ‘I’m rolling-around in a pile of puppies on a hillside somewhere’ or ‘Today I photographed a gorgeous dog’ kind of news. (Which are still great pieces of news in and of themselves, to be fair.)

No, this is cuckoo bananas, ‘is-this-actually-real-life?’, ‘I-can’t-believe-I can-even-say-these-words’ kind of news. It’s an announcement that feels too surreal to actually be made, and yet — it’s all about to spring forward from my fingertips despite that because, well…

because nothing is impossible.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I’ve been sitting here for ages staring at this blank computer screen – hands shaking – wondering how I might ever be able to come up with the words to say all the things I want to say in a moment like this one. After many failed attempts, backspace keys, writes and re-writes, I’ve come to accept that no arrangement of nouns or adjectives will ever be perfect enough to articulate the exact feeling in my heart in the wake of this occasion, so I’m just going for it anyway.

Photographing dogs has been the adventure of my lifetime. It’s everything I never knew I was truly meant to do. A lot of you have been here with me, cheering me on and lifting me up since the very beginning of my journey, and to you and your kind and beautiful hearts – I couldn’t be more grateful.

Collectively, dogs are a kind of magic that fills me up and makes me whole – their joy, whimsy and unrelenting happiness inspire me to be a better in every way. From the very first moment that I walked through the doors of the MSPCA and clumsily fumbled my way around my camera to photograph my first shelter dog almost 8 years ago, something shifted in my heart, and I knew I had found my very reason for breathing. Dog photography has been changing my life consistently since the very beginning and now, it dances to a place I never imagined it could go.

In less than 2 weeks, on September 15th at 10/9 Central, my brand new television show Pupparazzi will be premiering on Nat Geo WILD!

Pupparazzi will follow Dog Breath Photography on all our wild, wacky, dog-filled adventures all over the country (and hopefully, eventually the world!), with a highlight on focusing on the one thing that means more to me than anything else on the planet – the powerful stories of the rescue dogs that so desperately need a voice.

We have been traveling all over the country since the beginning of the year with an incredible production crew who have blown our minds with their passion and talent, and we’ve just wrapped filming the first group of episodes. This experience has been completely surreal from the very first moment and the gratitude that I feel for this opportunity and the people who have feverishly supported me along the way is truly indescribable.

For years, I have received messages from wonderful people all over the globe, asking if there might be any way they could come along on my dog photography adventures one day. Well, now, there finally is! I hope you will all join me on my unforgettable adventures and follow me on a mission across the planet to capture the spirit of dog through my lens!

I think it’s worth saying – if something lights you on fire and you believe in it with everything in your heart, get out there and chase it furiously, unapologetically and relentlessly.

The fact is, dreams really do come true.



At National Geographic’s ‘Further Front’ Upfront Event on the day of announcement in New York City.  2018.

2 thoughts on “Pupparazzi on Nat Geo WILD!”

  1. Kaylee I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning!! Love seeing a fellow Boston girl achieve this success. Your photography and blogs… You’re writing is a fantastic as your photography, have captured our hearts. If you weren’t a dog lover before seeing your pics, you are now! And wasn’t that the whole point to begin with? Getting those pups adopted at the MSPCA? Thank you and give Joshua a big ole belly rub for me!

  2. Great news Kaylee, your passion gives inspiration to all of us. I have been volunteering to do Photo Fund Raising Shoots for our local no kill rescue organization for several years. I applaud everything you are doing!! Congratulations, well earned!!! Dale

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