Bailey + Sheldon – Boston Dog Photography

Here I am.

Can you believe it?! Oh my gosh. It’s effectively been almost six months since Ive last updated this blog. SIX MONTHS! I think that means I’m basically the worst blogger on the planet. That, and super duper outrageously mega-crazy busy! I am currently shooting 4, sometimes 5 days a week and am booked solid through until 2015. (never fear! If we have already been in talks about booking a late 2014 date or if you are a reschedule from earlier this year – then no worries! You’re in before then!;) ) I cant even begin to express how humbled and grateful I am for it all. My days have been so wonderful that my face hurts from smiling. Its a whirlwind of joy, waggly butts, happiness and dog drool and I wouldn’t have it any other way! But of course, all of the adventuring, traveling and shooting both locally and nationally has left me with only little tiny intermittent moments to focus on the other things that I love – one of them being blogging! I always promise myself that I am going to try and update more and become super duper fancy bloggin’ jones, and then I fail horribly. So, this is me, extending my sincerest apologies for my disappearing act as of late – Im thinkin’ hopefully I can make it up to you with some seriously cute squishy puppy mugs that will have you squeein’ all the way to the stars and back.

Since Im so far behind on blogging sessions – this one comes to you from this past November, at the very tail end of New England’s gorgeous Fall season. It’s a shoot that is quite close to my heart — I have such amazing memories from my afternoon with these two goobers. I think I spent about 75% of it laying on my stomach and laughing uncontrollably. The light was so warm and golden and the patterns in the sky that day were so cinematic. I remember the whole day like it was a vibrant oil painting – streaks of gold and yellow dripping across an eager canvas with two impossibly cute four legged creatures bouncing with a beautiful sort of chaos across it all. Bailey and Sheldon  – two outrageously good looking Boxers (complete with trademark  Boxer sideways butt wiggles) are basically a wrecking ball of cute. Their session was a gift from their Dad to their Mom for her birthday – and oh man, what a gift it turned out to be! I was so excited when I heard that there were going to be not one, but two goobery faces for me to photograph at our session on the gorgeous grounds of Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA. Sheldon (who shares his first name with my late grandfather!) is the younger brother in the duo – and is basically a walking comedy act. He was quite thrilled to play endless games of fetch and very proudly smoosh that happy yellow ball right into my general person so that he could get another throw.

Have a look at this face:

 Outrageous, right?

Sheldon also functioned quite well as a pogo stick during our afternoon together. He would look at the sky and leap like a superhero, showing off his cute little butt on the way up. Yup, he sure does know the way into a girl’s heart. 😛


Bailey – Sheldon’s big sister – is actually not big at all. In fact, she is quite little. In comparison to her towering brother she’s super petite. And she’s got the most fabulous distinguished patches of grey across her gorgeous little muzzle.

That grey, my dear, is earned through years of life and wisdom. (and it simultaneously makes my heart melt down into my shoes.)


But as soon as the attention shifted over to Bailey – Sheldon pops in to say ‘HEY! REMEMBER ME?!?! LOOK AT THIS BALL!!’


Sheldon succeeds quite well in his job as annoying little brother. Again, as the camera turned to Bailey, Sheldon would give me the ‘OH! Is this about me?!?’ look and proceed to pose on top of her…

(please note the part above where I mentioned spending most of the session laughing. Case in point.)


Bailey and Sheldon’s are quite proud of their little family. And they certainly should be — their mom and dad are all kinds of wonderful so we thought it was quite appropriate to snap a few images to capture that special bond that the four of them have together.



 Capturing Bailey’s sweet face awash in that golden, fairytale was one of my favorite parts of our afternoon together. She just looked so breathtaking amidst all of those warm crunchy leaves with that aura of softness and peace surrounding her.


And more time for family! Here I give you Tyler, Amanda, Bailey and Sheldon! 🙂 I especially love how Sheldon styled his ears for this particular group photo.

Also – if Im not mistaken – this image became last year’s Christmas card for this gorgeous little family!


Please refer to my pogo stick comment above. It was almost impossible to keep Sheldon from defying gravity at any moment. I adore how Bailey just watches from her safe spot on the ground.


 Endless love for her sweet old girl.. 🙂


 Sheldon’s trying out the ‘one ear flip’ for this shot.. very nice, if I do say so myself, Sheldon. +10 points for you, you style icon.


 And the face that had my heart on the edge of bursting the whole afternoon. i. cant. defeat. the. powers. of. cute. ….


While we found more absolutely stunning locations in the Fall forest, Sheldon was busy licking snacks off his face..


While Bailey posed like a proper lady..


And more snacks.. .:)


After the first part of our afternoon together – I figured things really couldnt get much better. The colors of Fall, the sparkling yellow-orange light, the texture of the golden fallen leaves all around us. But then – all of a sudden – mother nature decided that she would give us one more gift – a gorgeous sunset.


Pinks, purples and oranges threw themselves across the sky like a dance. The clouds were painted like something out of a storybook — pulsing with electric blues and periwinkles. I think Sheldon felt just as much excitement as I did about the whole thing. He broke out into a little two-legged dance. 🙂


And, the last image of the night – which also happens to be my absolute favorite photo of the entire session.

A ha! I knew it! You didnt fool me with the whole brother/sister rivalry front. You two silly goobers are head over heels in love with each other! Kisses for everyone! 🙂


I hope you love Bailey and Sheldon’s images just as much as I do! If any of my readers are talent agents and are on the prowl for a new comedy act – do let me know and I can send over Sheldon’s casting information. His rates aren’t cheap, but he’s worth the investment! 😛


Thanks so much for stopping by to check in on what’s going on in Dog Breath land! I have about a gazillion other incredible sessions from the past year that I plan on sharing soon – so stay tuned! (‘a gazillion’ — thats the technical figure.) 😛


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  1. Beautiful photographs of two awesome subjects… Great work once again, thanks so much for sharing these images!

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