Happy New Year – Boston Dog Photography

2013 has been a blessing in every way. Things have grown and changed so much over here in Dog Breath land, and watching dreams take wing has been the most humbling and life changing experience that I have ever had the absolute privilege to endure. This past year, I had the opportunity to meet hundreds of gorgeous four leggers and their incredible people. I have made connections with people who started as clients and ended as some of my closest friends. I have crossed paths with other passionate, hardworking people who have forever changed me. I spilled my heart for a cause that means more to me than anything else in this endlessly spinning world. I’ve watched shelter dogs find homes after waiting months, sometimes years. I had the lucky privilege to spend a weekend with and click my shutter alongside 6 other incredible women in my industry who are arguably some of the best pet photographers in the world. I shot my very first full editorial assignment and created images for major brands. I’ve worked on projects bigger than I ever thought possible and created memories that are emblazoned onto my heart like a black ink tattoo. The  gratitude is leaking out of my pores and its color is like golden-yellow sunlight.

This year, I’m going to make even better. I’ve made a pact to reach out and change the lives of more helpless animals. To dedicate even more time to saving the lives of shelters dogs across the US. I’ll be traveling and meeting people and dogs from across the nation. And even bigger plans are in the works for the end of the year, and I promise to announce them as soon as they fully develop! Currently, I am fully booked with sessions through until August 2014, and I am beside myself with excitement to meet all of the new, wiggly fuzzy friends that will make their way into my lens and my heart over the course of the next 8 months. 🙂

Here’s to a year of new dreams, new opportunities, and new accomplishments for every one of us!

commercial_dog_ photographer

Oh, and as a side note – this afternoon, we had quite the New Year’s celebration over here! Since snapping this photograph during our confetti party in the living room, Joshua has been running around the house with hundreds of sparkles stuck to his butt! 😛

We are wishing you the warmest, most wonderful New Year. Its a new opportunity to find your dreams and follow them wherever they might take you. A new opportunity to pour out your heart, share your passion and make your mark on the world.

Let this year be the year of boundless, beautiful successes and unprecedented love stories.

We adore each and every one of you and couldn’t be more grateful to ring in the New Year with so many friends in our hearts.


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Boston Dog Photography”

  1. You are truly a remarkable person. I am so happy that you have come into our family and lives. Always a breath of fresh air. Best wishes to you in your new year and adventures. Look forward to your photos and blogs. You bring much happiness to all you come in contact with. Love, Deb

  2. Kaylee, you are such an incredibly gifted photographer. I’m around 30 years older than you are (give or take) but oh how I’d love to be just like you when I grow up!!! You are definitely living my dream 🙂 I hope your travels bring you to the San Diego area some day… What I wouldn’t give to be able to meet you in person. You’ve been such an inspiration for me over this past year in deciding to also photograph rescue dogs, and I absolutely love doing it like I never would have imagined. I know your plate is very full, but have you ever considered being an instructor for a course on dog photography through creativeLive.com? A one day class where you taught your tips and tricks for how to achieve the amazing results you consistently produce would be an unbelievably awesome educational experience! Think about it 🙂 Love, love, love your work. You make me wish I lived in the Boston area !!!

    1. Aww, Nancy! Reading this just made my day! Thank you so much for such incredibly kind words! I cant tell you how happy it makes me to hear that you are dedicating yourself to saving helpless shelter animals through photographs as well! Thank you for fighting the good fight alongside me – I truly believe, that with enough dedicated hearts, we can change the world! And, I am so flattered that you think I might make a good teacher for Creative Live, I’ve been considering doing a bit of teaching beyond my private mentorships here in Boston – so I promise to keep you updated with that as plans progress! 🙂

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