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Project 52 – Reflections

It’s Friday again – which means it’s time for another Project 52 blog post! The theme for this week was ‘Reflections’. As soon as I heard about that, I knew exactly how I wanted to execute my photos. So all throughout the week, I did something I never do – I hoped and prayed for rain! Of course, the entire week passed just as dry as a desert, no sign of humidity or precipitation whatsoever. But what do you know – yesterday morning as I was laying in my bed I heard the pitter patter of tiny, lucky little raindrops outside my window! When I finally collected my fuzzy model and got outside to shoot – the sun came out and warmed us with it’s yellow light. It couldn’t haven been a more perfect combination of weather and atmospheric circumstances. The rain and sunshine left us with brilliant, shiny warm puddles to play and splash in! My darling little wagging friend Boomer offered up his modeling services this week. He is a happy Corgi Mix with the sweetest little face I’ve ever seen. Swoon. I’m totally in love with him. Without further ado – here is Boomer and his beautiful reflections!

And while we were playing in the puddles we made a friend! This Husky came and showed us what he thought of the water we were playing in — ‘Yum, Tasty!!’

(Would you look at that perfect pink tongue?!)

And those are the beautiful reflections that I was lucky enough to spend my yesterday looking at. 🙂 Don’t forget this is a blog ring – so there are all kinds of other fuzzy faces and reflections in store for your viewing pleasure! Click on over to Karen Weiler at Posh Pets Photography to see what is reflecting in her world this week! Click all the way around the blog ring and end up right back here where you started! Happy Clicking! 🙂


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Project 52 – Mood

It’s finally Friday again and that of course means another Project 52 post! This week’s theme is ‘mood’. And as soon as I heard that – I knew I had just the character to star in this blog! And since his name is the mood – he’s just perfect for this! His name is Happy. And well, he is exactly that – consistently and overwhelmingly happy! He is one of many sweet, sweet adoptables at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm where I volunteer each week.

Scroll down for a dose of Happy’s wonderful mood!

and here’s one peek at his serious ‘Hey wait – is that a treat you’ve got behind your back?’ face:

Now click on over to Peggy Mundell at DogBreedz  to see what kind of mood she’s in! 🙂 Click all the way back around and end up right back here with Happy and I!

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Project 52 – Noses!

This week’s theme for Project 52 involves one of the very best parts of a dog. His perfect little nose!  And in my opinion, it’s a cold, wet, squishy little masterpiece. 🙂

Since I spend a lot of time photographing the adoptables at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm – I asked them to be my nose models for this project. And don’t you know each and every last one obliged! (It must have been the gourmet mix of string cheese and hot dogs that I had stored in my pocket.)

And every individual nose was just so beautiful in it’s own way. Big ones, small ones, multicolored ones.. you name it. Noses peeking from cages and noses nudging my cheek. Noses sniffing for magical treasures in the grass and noses leaving happy little streakies on my lenses …

© Dog Breath Photography


© Dog Breath Photography

© Dog Breath Photography


© Dog Breath Photography


© Dog Breath Photography


© Dog Breath Photography


(Oh, and noses with a tiny side of snaggletooth are also pretty wonderful.)  😛

And don’t forget – this is just one small part of  your big adventure around the blog ring! Now, click on over to the talent at Nicole Begley Photography to see what kind of noses she’s found! Click all the way around and you’ll end up right back here where you started!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying all the brilliant noses that Nevins Farm has to offer!

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Project 52 – Jumps and Cuddles!

This week’s theme for Project 52 is Jumps and Cuddles! And really,when it comes to four-legged fur butts, is there anything better than those two things? (I’ll give you a hint: nope!) So part one of this blog post is – you guessed it – Jumps! I have to say, I’ve seen more dogs soaring through the air in my pet photography career thus far than I ever thought possible. Here’s to canine flight!


© Dog Breath Photography


Part 2 is not only the best part of this blog post, but the best part of my life! You’ve probably seen him around here on the blog once or twice but in case you’ve missed him somehow – I’d like to introduce you to the one and only handsomest man in the land – my fur child Toby! Toby is my world, my peace and my heart all wrapped into one waggling fuzzy body. He is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me and he certainly deserves his shining moment of glory in this blog post because he is my number one cuddler. I can’t think of ‘Cuddles’ without immediately thinking of Toby’s smooshy face. On any given day you can find all 85 lbs of him curled up underneath the sheets of my queen sized bed. He sleeps like a mack truck and generally enjoys pressing his black nose up to my ear while at ultimate snoring volume. He dreams in brilliant colors of  puppy action movies and typically ends up paw punching me in the face in the middle of the night due to all the excitement. There is absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do for this dog. He is my light. He helps me to see the world with the simplest, purest form of joy. He gives me everything and asks for nothing in return. There is absolutely no creature on the planet that I would rather cuddle.



So there you have it – the ‘Jumps and Cuddles’ that are some of the most wonderful and joyful parts of my life! Now, click on over to Georgian Bay Studios to find out what kinds of jumps and cuddles have been happening over there! Click all the way back around and wind up right here with Mr. Toby and I. We’ll be waiting!! 🙂



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Project 52 – From the Hip

There’s a term that photographers use for taking photos without looking through the viewfinder – or heck, without even really looking at all – and it’s called ‘shooting from the hip’. It’s something I do quite often when I photograph dogs and that’s why I was so excited when it turned out to be this week’s theme for Project 52! Photographing animals is all about capturing that happy, random moment of whimsy. It’s about finding that truth that only an animal will share so openly.

I majorly abuse the ‘high speed continuous’ shooting mode on my camera and with that comes lots of shooting without looking through the viewfinder. Sometimes I have a plan, sometimes I ride on pure luck.

The following photos all came as a result of shooting from my hip. (or my feet, or above my head, or when flailing wildly while being attacked with slobbery puppy kisses). And I love these photos so much because out of all the thousands of images in my library – these are the ones make me laugh the most. They are the absolute essence of the truth and spirit of these incredible animals that I have the privilege of photographing. They are my happy accidents. 🙂









The good news is that the sweet waggly fuzzy face viewing isn’t over! Head on over to Steph Skardal Photography to see what happens when she ‘shoots from the hip’! And, you know the deal – if you follow the links all the way around – you’ll end up right back here with me! Enjoy!


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Project 52 – Newness

So far this new year has been blessed and beautiful and so full of wonderful things! I hope 2012 finds you with as much luck, health and warm fuzzy love as it has me. 🙂

And to really get this year started off on a strong foot for my little Dog Breath venture – I joined a group of incredibly talented pet photographers in their amazing blog ring – ‘Project 52’. That means that every Friday, we will be picking a new theme to blog about and you will hear from me and over 20 other infinitely talented artists if you choose to follow the links all the way around the circle – and if you do – (in addition to smiling, laughing and ‘awww’ing) you’ll end up right back where you started – right here!

This week’s blog theme is ‘Newness’. And what a perfect thing to start the new year off with. 🙂 As for me – newness translates directly to the stunning little sunshine you’re about to meet: Snowy.

Snowy is the MSPCA at Nevins Farm’s newest adoptable. She is a 3 year old Doberman Pinscher with a huge personality. Not only does she cuddle like a squishy teddy bear, but she runs around and around, head held high, like a hero at the end of an action flick.

Snowy is a complete and total ham for the camera. (So long as the treats keep comin’ in an endless supply!)

Oh, and those honey eyes!

In between her brave circle runs and chasing birds, Snowy will stop for hugs and the occasional kiss.

Whoever ends up with this perfect, wagging ray of sunlight in their home and in their hearts is one incredibly lucky human. If you think you might be that fortunate one – visit Snowy today for a free kiss at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen. You can also go to their website or to learn more about the MSPCA’s newest adoptable!

Thanks for spending the time to find out whats new here with Dog Breath Photography! Now click on over to KLAD Cockers to see what kind of ‘newness’ lurks there! 🙂