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Project 52 – Story

This week’s theme for Project 52 was ‘Story’. This theme was such an important reminder that as a photographer, it is so incredibly integral to create images that can do more than just sit pretty on a mantlepiece in a frame. Photography is about creating a story through one single, still moment — it’s about finding that passion and emotion in one tiny second and capturing it so that it’s story can be read boundlessly, time and time again. So in honor of this week’s fantastic assignment, I am going to keep the words to a minimum and let the photographs speak for themselves. This was my wonderful, snowy yesterday  – an adventure shared with two of the world’s most beautiful canines…

Isn’t this world we live in so overwhelmingly beautiful? I can’t forget how infinitely lucky I am to be living in it for one single second. My fingers froze and my lens got all foggy -but for the ability to explore the glistening, fairytale perfection of nature with two of the sweetest canines on the planet – it was worth every minute.

Now head over to the talented Kelly Kennedy Coyle at Sweet Silver Photography to see what her story is this week! Don’t forget this is a blog ring – follow the links all the way around and you’ll end up right back here in this snowy part of the world! I’ll be waiting. 😛

photoshoots, Project 52

Project 52 – Reflections

It’s Friday again – which means it’s time for another Project 52 blog post! The theme for this week was ‘Reflections’. As soon as I heard about that, I knew exactly how I wanted to execute my photos. So all throughout the week, I did something I never do – I hoped and prayed for rain! Of course, the entire week passed just as dry as a desert, no sign of humidity or precipitation whatsoever. But what do you know – yesterday morning as I was laying in my bed I heard the pitter patter of tiny, lucky little raindrops outside my window! When I finally collected my fuzzy model and got outside to shoot – the sun came out and warmed us with it’s yellow light. It couldn’t haven been a more perfect combination of weather and atmospheric circumstances. The rain and sunshine left us with brilliant, shiny warm puddles to play and splash in! My darling little wagging friend Boomer offered up his modeling services this week. He is a happy Corgi Mix with the sweetest little face I’ve ever seen. Swoon. I’m totally in love with him. Without further ado – here is Boomer and his beautiful reflections!

And while we were playing in the puddles we made a friend! This Husky came and showed us what he thought of the water we were playing in — ‘Yum, Tasty!!’

(Would you look at that perfect pink tongue?!)

And those are the beautiful reflections that I was lucky enough to spend my yesterday looking at. 🙂 Don’t forget this is a blog ring – so there are all kinds of other fuzzy faces and reflections in store for your viewing pleasure! Click on over to Karen Weiler at Posh Pets Photography to see what is reflecting in her world this week! Click all the way around the blog ring and end up right back here where you started! Happy Clicking! 🙂


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Just a few weeks ago, I had the lucky privilege of meeting Miss Chara – the happiest and loveliest black lab mix on the planet. My little fur client was named after Zdeno Chara – the present captain of the Boston Bruins hockey team. In charm, wit and skill the two may be equals – but in my humble opinion, Chara the canine is much cuter than Chara the hockey player. But, I digress. 🙂

Chara greeted me at the door of her home with a shiny new toy in tow. (She is a bit of a show off). We spent a perfect, sunny Saturday morning together rolling about in the grass and chewing sticks. Well, Chara did the chewing – I did the photographing. But I have to say, she sure did make it look appetizing.

Never before have I seen so much joy wrapped up into one pup. Chara’s constant waggling tongue, goofy facial expressions and happy tail-wags had me giggling all day. And she was kind enough to show me how she swims in the lake behind her house, how she runs endless laps around her backyard and how she cuddles her Dad.

Anybody whose lucky enough to know Chara can understand what I mean when I say she is the purest form of happiness  – a four-legged manifestation of joy. Just have a look at the photos and see what I mean. 🙂

And on another happy note, Chara’s parents Kate and Mike got married only a week before our shoot together. Now, they are one perfect, happy little family and words can describe how excited I am for them! Amazing people deserve amazing things – and that’s exactly what we have here. 🙂

Congratulations to the Burnhams – Kate, Mike & Chara – Here’s to your beautiful future together!

Thanks for reading! Catch you all next post! 🙂


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Oh, hello Simba.

So my brother called me the other day and said ‘Kaylee, I did something stupid.’

And before he could proceed to explain further, I heard it – the sound of the most beautiful little puppy bark in the background. Yup.

Now, it would be helpful to understand that my brother is already father to a gorgeous, perfect little pit bull. Her name is Nala, and she is the wiggliest, waggliest, happiest pup I’ve ever met. She’s white and gray and has got the most gorgeous silver-blue eyes.

That being said, the ‘stupid’ thing my brother was referring to was getting a ‘Simba’ to complete the package. There’s been talk of it for many months now – but he finally did it.

My brother Kenny got a call from someone who works from him who also volunteers at a local shelter. Her shelter was contacted about a 5 month old blue nose pit bull puppy who was taken from a house in a bad neighborhood that was raided for drugs. All of the pup’s ‘people’ were jailed and he was left alone. The police made it clear that if no home could be found for the little guy – that he was going to be put down. (It makes me shudder – the thought of such a perfect creature losing his life before ever getting the chance to experience it. Ick.) So, my brother decided to be Simba’s guardian angel. And, to make a long story short – we now have the completion of the duo – Simba and Nala!!

Of course, immediately after hanging up I hopped in my truck and headed straight for my brothers house to love, kiss, and photograph the little guy.

What struck me first was Simba’s happiness and his silly smile. (Not to mention his incredible good looks!) I hugged him until I could hug no more. I start to tear up when I think of how lucky the little sunshineface got. He’s got a new best friend (Nala), amazing parents to care for him, and a gorgeous house with a big yard to play and grow in.

Serendipity? I think so.

So, Simba – here’s to you and a healthy, happy, lucky future as a member of the Greer Family!

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The dog with the breath…

So there’s this dog … You may have heard about him once or twice before. But essentially, he’s the sunshine of my life. He’s the one of the best reasons for living and is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

His name is Toby.

Yup, the same guy that inspired this business. Notice the little guy with the multi-colored face in my logo? … That’s him! (in all his shining, wagging glory.)

At the tail end of last month I had a hot, muggy, and overtly wonderful photo shoot with Toby down at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida. We found our own private little field to gallop, wrestle and play in. Toby peed on every single thing he sniffed, claiming over 10 acres of land as his own. He also helped himself to endless mouthfuls of grass. (Not my favorite thing – but he’s a sneaky one and will wait until I’m set up a hundred feet across a field with a tripod before he misbehaves so that by the time I reach him, he’s posed as a perfect angel.) I can always tell when he’s been eating grass – or anything else for that matter – by what he’s got stuck up in his jowls between his cheeks and his teeth. If I can’t tell that way – usually he pukes it all up at some point for me to see (and then clean up) anyway.

After our time at the park we took Toby to go get his very own puppy cup! (Vanilla ice cream from Del’s Freeze down on Melbourne’s Atlantic coast – his favorite!!) His scarfed down his ice cream so fast that I almost missed the opportunity to take his photo! ‘Almost’ is the key word there – Luckily, I snapped a few before it all disappeared. 🙂

So, I would like to share with you the visual joy that my incredible pup let me capture that day.

All in all, it was a magnificent day – every barking, wagging, ice-cream-faced moment of it!


Fleet Peeples Dog Park Orlando, Florida

At the very end of June Sam and I took a trip to my favorite place – the good old 100% chance-of-sunshine, 100% chance-of-rain state of Florida.

While we were there, I made him promise me that we could go to my very favorite dog park on the planet – Fleet Peeples Park in Orlando, Florida! I told him that I realized we were taking the risk of looking like crazy people – going there without a dog and all- and that I was willing to take that chance.

So Sam obliged since he’s generally pretty wonderful like that – and we spent the late hours of our Sunday afternoon perusing the shores of Fleet Peeples Park. The weather was a perfect, balmy 80 degrees and the clouds in the sky looked like a painting as the sun began it’s descent to the horizon.

Lucky for me, I ran into a wonderful woman on the beach by the name of Kathy. She was enjoying the last of the afternoon with her four beautiful pups down by the water:

Marmaduke, the “8 lb chihuahua with 80 lbs of attitude” as she says

Jinx, the Chinese Crested

( this is the first opportunity I’d ever gotten to shoot with a Chinese Crested! they’re amazing! yay! How’s that for portfolio diversity?! 😛 )

Piper, the incredible swimming-fetching-running-wagging Border Collie machine!

And Bo! (right) the gorgeous mixed breed shy guy with the honey eyes

I was so excited to be back at Fleet Peeples. I spent so much time there when I used to live in Orlando. It’s like heaven for puppies. It was the perfect dose of sunshine and nostalgia and I hope to go back again soon. 🙂

Til Next Time!


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Yuki, Alfie & Bella

Last Wednesday, I had the privileged joy of meeting three of the worlds cutest dogs. Oh, but don’t let them fool you – this trio knows how cute they are and they will use it against you to get whatever they want. (i.e. Butt rubs, behind-the-ear scratches, and a patch of face for licking)

There were thunderstorms looming in the atmosphere as well as tornado warnings on Wednesday – but Debbie (the pups’ lucky mother) and I made the brave decision to continue on with the shoot as planned. And it’s a good thing we did! The clouds acted like big diffusers in the sky and made for the most gorgeous light to shoot in! And we finished up just before the first rumbles of thunder began to roll. Perfect timing!

I wish everyone in the world could meet Miss Yuki – the first contender in our photoshoot saga. Yuki is the comic relief of this family. She will do anything for a laugh.  Whether its sprinting about in circles like a wild woman, or hopping up into the nearest playground swing, she’s totally willing and excited. Yuki  is the jokester of the bunch, waggling her pink tongue out one side of her mouth while she gazes with laughing eyes. Whatever Yuki has figured out about life – I want to know it too. We could all stand to benefit from her perfect, light-hearted  view of the world.

Alfie is the boss. He runs the show in this pack of three. Whatever he says goes – and if he doesn’t like it – he’ll let you know with the most SERIOUS face on the planet. Don’t let his small stature of just a few pounds fool you – he’s the man of the family and he don’t take no guff from no one. 😉 He’s especially not fond of costumes – so I’m told. He doesn’t particularly like being dressed up like a chicken – so much so that he will immobilize himself until one removes the costume.

Bella is exactly as her name implies – incredibly beautiful. She’s the southern belle, and a total mommas girl. Bella is the newest addition to the family. She used to belong to the neighbors but dug a hole under their adjoining fence to be part of the Roy family. Bella knew exactly where she wanted to be and her story is as perfect as she is. She is now a happy and loved member of the family. Bella has the most gorgeous eyes of any dog I’ve ever photographed. They’re pure honey. Us dog photographers wish we could only be so lucky as to have every dog we shoot be as beautiful as Miss Bella.

Overall, it was a fantastic and fortunate experience getting to spend time with the Roy family! You can tell wonderful people by wonderful dogs – it rubs off. And thats exactly what we had here. 🙂

Until next time!

-Kaylee @ dog breath photography