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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day! The day for all things sweet, mushy, cute and cuddly! And since I love things that are cute and cuddly, it probably comes as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year. And in honor of things that make you go ‘squeeeee!’, I have the most perfect thing to share with you for this wonderful occasion.

At the very end of January, I was flattered to be asked to photograph a special Valentine’s Day campaign for the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. The initiative was to be called ‘Find Your Sweetheart at the MSPCA’. The goal was to create awareness about the animals at Nevins Farm who are waiting patiently for their forever homes. Oh, and they were so tolerant of our silly, non-sensical human ideas – we dressed them in everything from scarfs to tiaras to bobbly ears and even ballerina tutus! Not even Thunder, the 2,000 pound steer, was left out of this Valentine’s Day adventure! He wore his flowered hat and handmade cape with fluffy red feathers like a proud young man. Scroll on downward and I dare you not to giggle.

Junior didn’t mind his festive garb one bit – as long as the treats kept comin!

And our darling equine friend from the stable looked just radiant in his cape and festive bobbly heart headwear.

Thunder is quite the handsome man in his colorful outfit. (Don’t tell him that he’s wearing a ladies hat! He thought it was very classy and gender neutral himself.)

We even met royalty during our escapades photographing at Nevins! A real live princess!

And don’t forget the little ones!

Everyone got an ‘A’ for participation and an ‘A+’ for cuteness!

No day is ever complete without a squishy little pig butt!

How Rude! Okay, Okay – We’ll get the ridiculous clothes off of you, sir!

Miss Gracie the Pit Bull Terrier and Buster the pig are fashion industry professionals and were very cooperative for their photoshoots.

I mentioned before that no day is complete without a pig butt – the same can be said for a fuzzy hamster butt!

There you have it! The cuddly stars of the MSPCA at Nevins Farm! And the best part?! Some beautiful news has come from all of this! Since these photos were taken just a few weeks back – our sweet and gentle friend Thunder has finally found his forever home! That’s right! After 4 years of patient and hopeful waiting at the MSPCA – Thunder has been adopted! He will live the rest of his life at a sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York with other cow friends just like him.

It really is a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Beyond The Myth

Just a few weeks back I had the wonderful honor of photographing the MSPCA/PittieLove Rescue sponsored event ‘Beyond the Myth’. The two organizations got together to show filmmaker Libby Sherrill’s powerful documentary about pit bulls and unfair breed discrimination. It was a night of positivity, love and support for one of the most unfairly labeled and misjudged dog breeds in our country – the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The Regent Theatre in Arlington, Massachusetts was bustling with pit bull owners and supporters from all walks of life. And come showtime, the theater was packed with eager patrons. As the event’s photographer, I was lucky enough to get a private meet and greet with the evening’s guest of honor – Cherry ‘the Vicktory dog’. Cherry was rescued from the Michael Vick dog fighting case and has been rehabilitated into the happiest, sweetest pup you’ll ever get the privilege to meet. He is living proof of hope and forgiveness. And oh my, what a happy face he has!

The film blew me away with it’s honesty and integrity as this cause is particularly close to my heart since my own fuzzchild is a perfect Pit Bull terrier. It’s good to know that I am not preaching of this breed’s gentle nature and unwavering loyalty alone. If you think it’s time to give this incredible breed a second chance, head on over to to learn more. Or hey, maybe even adopt your new best friend from or (You won’t regret it.)