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Dog Days of Summer – Part 1

This past Sunday I had the wonderful privilege of having a booth at the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ event at the gorgeous Smolak Farms in North Andover, Ma. The day was absolutely picture perfect – and the best part? The event was put on by Treadwell’s Ice Cream – So there was plenty of the planet’s best ice cream to go around! (What’s that you say? You want apple cider donut ice cream? Yup, they have that.)

The sun was shining, the frozen treats were delicious and the four-leggers were abundant! What more could one girl ask for?!

This event is put on annually to benefit the one organization that is closest to my heart – the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. I was absolutely honored to be able to take part in such in supporting such a wonderful cause.

I got to meet so many wagging fuzzbutts who came to visit the Dog Breath Photography booth that my head was spinning with joy. Would you just look at these faces? … (caution: there is a real risk of contracting ‘cute overload’ syndrome if you continue on from here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)  🙂 ….

Oh, hello gorgeous! …

How about these little sweethearts with the expressive eyes? …

I have to say – there is a hidden treasure in the background of this photo. I noticed it when I was editing and it warmed my heart. 🙂 As if the two in the foreground weren’t show stopping enough! ..

My favorite organization on the planet. The MSPCA was present at the event with a booth run by some of it’s most wonderful and dedicated volunteers..

And this guy! My best-looking customer of the day saying ‘HELLO! Where’s the treats?!’ ..

I’m a sucker for a Boxer smile …

And what about this outrageously beautiful little love? …

oh, those eyes! ..

Oh, hi. Nice to meet you little goober! ..

and two sweet little fuzzy friends …

I even met some two-leggers that were pretty wonderful! ..

Cleaning something good off your nose? ..

Attack of the blurry bobble head puppy!! …

Smolak Farms is absolutely breathtaking. I grew up picking Apples in their orchards as a little girl. The smells on the farm remind me of my childhood – who knew I would be back decades later with my very own business! …

Pittie smiles make me melt ..

Would you look at this next face? What a dream! …

A canvas print of one of my favorite images at my booth. This gallery wrap canvas showcases just one of the many gorgeous products you can make from your images when you book a Dog Breath photo session! ..

And no dog day is complete without a pair of ridiculously good-looking black labs..


Since the event was such a smashing success – I met and photographed over 80 different dogs that day! That left me with 120+ choice images to share from the event – which in turn means, in order to post all the images – the blog will be split up into three parts! This is only the first part of the exciting series! So never fear! If your dogs photo isn’t here you will find him or her in part 2 or 3 which will both be published within the next week! Stay Tuned!

It was such a pleasure to meet all of the wonderful friends (2 legs AND 4 legs alike!) that stopped by the Dog Breath booth. I can’t thank Treadwell’s Ice Cream – the event planner/sponsor – enough for including us in this exciting event!

If you see your dog’s photos here, but would like to see if there are more – don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I would be happy to put up a private viewing gallery for you to check them out in. 🙂

Part 2 of ‘Dog Days of Summer’ with more fuzzy faces than you can count will be coming sooner than you can say ‘TREATS?!’ …..

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Hair of the Dog Wine Tasting and Art Show

This past Friday evening, I had the wonderful privilege of participating in the 8th annual Hair of the Dog Wine Tasting and Art Show. The evening was a benefit for the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. The MSPCA is an amazing organization that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work closely with – and I was thrilled to be a part of such an important cause.

The show took place at the gorgeous Essex Art Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts. I was one of many artists, sculptors, photographers, jewelers, and painters who were present with booths showcasing their work…

My incredible father came out to support my little business venture. I couldn’t have been happier to have him.

Oh, and also – there was my  ridiculously amazingly huge wall sized prints!

An overwhelming Thank You to David Sarracino of Burnsides Photography and Imaging for printing those for me!

I had various prints and products for sale and about a gah-zillion business cards to give out!

And my fancy new vinyl sign had just finished printing the day before! I was so thrilled to get to use it!

A few weeks prior to the show, I was asked if I would be interested to get involved in the MSPCA’s ‘Angels for Animals’ campaign.

And of course the answer was, ‘absolutely yes.’

So, I spent some time at Nevins Farm photographing the various animals in the adoption center who are  in need of surgery and/or medical attention.

My heart melted for them all. It all comes back around to why I do the volunteer work with shelter animals that I do — I want to be a voice for the voiceless.

These sweet, helpless animals need us – and they have no way of expressing that with their own voice.

I photographed specific cats, birds, rabbits, dogs and even guinea pigs that are in desperate need of medical attention.

For the ‘Angels for Animals’ display,  the animals’ photos and individual stories were set atop easels and displayed in the center of the room.

Nevins Farm utilized these images to collect donations from attendees to go directly towards the care of these animals and their unique problems.

I have to say – in regards to working with shelter animals – that I have never done anything more rewarding in my entire life.

To be able to help save the lives of animals in whatever small way I can is the best reason for living.

And here I am with some of the amazing staff members of the MSPCA at Nevins Farm.

These are the faces that are the driving force behind the success of such a wonderful organization…

(We’re lucky to have such great, dedicated people in the world, aren’t we?!)

It was a truly wonderful night. If there was any other creature that I would want to hang with besides animals – it would be animal lovers. And that’s exactly what this event turned out to be – an incredible night full of warm-hearted, generous people coming together for a common cause.

To all of the folks involved with putting this event together – Thank You so much. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this memorable night – and for all that you do for the animals that need us most. (Heather Robertson of the MSPCA, and Karen VanWelden-Herman of the Essex Art Center – that’s YOU!) 🙂

Signing off until next time!


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Fancy Schmancy New Business Cards!

Today, my new business cards arrived in the mail from Moo. My last shipment of cards for my happy little Boston dog photography venture ran out pretty quickly (yay! I’d like to think that’s a great thing.) so I had to reorder last week. And – ahhh! They couldn’t be more beautiful! The last time I got a shipment from Moo I gushed about their incredible quality products and amazing customer service so I’ll save you the spiel this time. I’ll just sum it up with a ‘Heck Yeah’ for new business cards!

I decided not to change anything about the front of my cards since my last order due to the fact that I’m thoroughly in love with my logo and color scheme. I did however get to finally update my portfolio photos on the back of my cards! (It’s amazing how much changes in less than a year!) Moo sells a portfolio pack of business cards geared towards photographers which is just wonderful because it means there is a different image on the back of every card.

Looking through the cards when they came in this morning gave me the giggles. It’s amazing to see all the different smiling fuzzy faces I’ve gotten the privilege to photograph over the past year all lined up next to eachother. It’s a happy, colorful reminder of how incredibly lucky I am to be doing what I dream every day. There is nothing better than those waggling fuzzy butts of theirs. 🙂 Hurrah for dog breath!

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My business cards are in! And, I couldn’t be more thrilled with them!

After laboring over the design of these guys for relentless hours – I finally came up with this perfect formula that consists of

2 parts color, 3 parts design, and 1 part love.

I have to take a minute to gloat about MOO Cards – where I got these printed.

Pricey? – yes. But, their attention to detail, quality and customer service is what really makes their product stand out above the rest.

The best part?

There is a different photo on the back of every single card! More fuzzy sunshine faces than I can count, and I couldn’t be happier.

As for the other side of the card, lime green is my color of choice. I’ve always loved shades of green- they feel so fresh, clean and modern. And I probably spent three days browsing the interwebs before discovering that font you see there. Heh. Oh, the anatomy of branding…

The logo was designed by the simultaneously adorable and infinitely talented Jess Baer. You must see her work, she’s the bomb-diggity. (Oh, hello 1994.)

But seriously, check her out –

She designed the logo of the dog with the green bone after my pup Toby, the one-and-only sunshine of my life. You’ll see his perfect, multi-colored face sprinkled throughout my portfolio – and I promise, you’ll know that goofy smile when you see it.

So, yay for business cards being done. And then another yay for moving into the next phase of this lucky, lucky life of mine.