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Project 52 – Newness

So far this new year has been blessed and beautiful and so full of wonderful things! I hope 2012 finds you with as much luck, health and warm fuzzy love as it has me. 🙂

And to really get this year started off on a strong foot for my little Dog Breath venture – I joined a group of incredibly talented pet photographers in their amazing blog ring – ‘Project 52’. That means that every Friday, we will be picking a new theme to blog about and you will hear from me and over 20 other infinitely talented artists if you choose to follow the links all the way around the circle – and if you do – (in addition to smiling, laughing and ‘awww’ing) you’ll end up right back where you started – right here!

This week’s blog theme is ‘Newness’. And what a perfect thing to start the new year off with. 🙂 As for me – newness translates directly to the stunning little sunshine you’re about to meet: Snowy.

Snowy is the MSPCA at Nevins Farm’s newest adoptable. She is a 3 year old Doberman Pinscher with a huge personality. Not only does she cuddle like a squishy teddy bear, but she runs around and around, head held high, like a hero at the end of an action flick.

Snowy is a complete and total ham for the camera. (So long as the treats keep comin’ in an endless supply!)

Oh, and those honey eyes!

In between her brave circle runs and chasing birds, Snowy will stop for hugs and the occasional kiss.

Whoever ends up with this perfect, wagging ray of sunlight in their home and in their hearts is one incredibly lucky human. If you think you might be that fortunate one – visit Snowy today for a free kiss at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen. You can also go to their website or to learn more about the MSPCA’s newest adoptable!

Thanks for spending the time to find out whats new here with Dog Breath Photography! Now click on over to KLAD Cockers to see what kind of ‘newness’ lurks there! 🙂


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Be still my melting heart …

The past two weeks at the MSPCA have been magical.

I’ve had the lucky opportunity to meet so many different, beautiful canine personalities. Each perfect little (sometimes big!) face that I have the opportunity to spend time with has something so unique and thoroughly wonderful about them.

Meet Bobo – the young German Shepard mix with the world’s most beautiful eyes and the insatiable appetite for tennis balls and frisbees.

Here’s Ace. He’s the fastest, most agile dog I’ve ever seen while also being chock full of ‘good boy’ manners! And oh, what a face!

Billie is a dalmatian/boxer mix and (as I don’t really need to point out) is heart stoppingly beautiful. She is equally as gentle and sweet. Billie is a cuddle queen and pays extra attention to touch and sight because she is deaf. (That means extra kisses and cuddles for everyone!!)

Introducing Brownie. Brownie is laid back, calm and incredibly good-natured. She is a happy, healthy pup and is so eager to share her perfect smile!

Josh is next. Josh is literally the world’s happiest dog. He is jovial, bright and is bursting full of sunshine. He’s incredibly well-behaved and is so eager to love. He had me with the first big swipe of his pink tongue. (or it might have been the second I saw that face peering up at me.) Would you just look at that smile?!

Here’s Rocky! Rocky is the picture of perfection. He is a big, cuddly, fuzzy love bug. He was thrilled to show me the teddy bear he found and prance around with it like a proud young man!

Shadoh is my comic relief. I can’t look at his adorable toothy grin without cracking up. If I could keep this wonder pup by my side each and every day for his good spirits I would be one lucky lady. He has the biggest, most wonderful smile on the planet. He must be half superhero/half Boston Terrier. 

Meet Steve! Little buddy Steve is the most regal miniature pinscher I’ve ever encountered. He’s so happy, energetic and full of life! 

It’s safe to say Vinny took my heart and ran with it. And there’s a little piece of it that I will never get back. I am completely, thoroughly, 100% irrevocably in love with Vinny the Red Carolina dog. He cuddles and nudges his head against you like a purring cat. He’s smart, agile and incredibly beautiful. He’s every single thing one could ever want all wrapped into one perfect pup.

So even despite all these wonderful, unique differences that each canine soul has, all of the above pups have one thing in common – they need you. They need warm, loving forever homes to spend their days and nights in. They need happy humans to cuddle with and show their smiles to. If you are considering being this for one of these dogs – visit the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm website or to learn more.

Until another wonderful next time! …


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Lyla, Mufasa & Caesar

Another week at the MSPCA brings another slew of gorgeous faces for me to share with you. I could go on and on about the incredible joy I feel when I spend time with these dogs – but I hope that when you look at my photos you can feel it – with no need for me to articulate it with words.

Meet Lyla – the gorgeous, sweet little Australian Shepard girl with brilliant multi-colored eyes,

Mufasa – the towering, massive and inexplicably gentle honey-eyed Mastiff,

and Caesar – the goofy, happy, phenomenally well-behaved Pit Bull.




And here I am. Lucky, lucky me cuddling with the gentlest giant on the planet – Mufasa the Mastiff. I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo with him. You can’t fake this kind of joy. 🙂

as always – you can find out more about these pups at or please feel free to contact me for more details.

(I can’t promise I won’t be intensely jealous if you end up with one of these babies in your home.)      🙂

Until next time!


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Snowflake and Schatzie

Each and every time I visit the MSPCA to do my weekly photo round – something wonderful happens. This week, that something wonderful was the last cage on the right at the very end of the dog holding room – the temporary home of Snowflake and Schatzie. The two came into the shelter separately and with very different stories — but since being at the MSPCA they have become roommates and best friends. I took each of them out for their respective photo shoots and had no idea I was about to meet two of the world’s most adorable and well-behaved dogs.

Schatzie is a male Yorkie and absolutely loved to play fetch at daringly high speeds! But, I really discovered his weakness when I pulled out a squeak toy. Schatzie heard that golden sound and came booking it towards me at about 37 miles per hour just to investigate the situation. And that situation ended up being a fuzzy squeak toy in Schatzie’s mouth for the rest of our time together.

Snowflake is an adorable and happy little female poodle mix. Snowflake liked to chase all the birds she could find in the field we were playing in. She also showed me her  happy dance quite a bit! (which is her maniacally rolling around in the grass with the most elated expression I’ve ever seen.) Snowflake is just one incredibly brilliant ray of sunshine and whoever ends up with her in their home will be one lucky human. 🙂

But enough out of me – Would you look at these perfect faces?! …..



Visit the or to learn more about Schatzie and Snowflake! 🙂

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Take us home…

Since we last connected I’ve spent a lot more time at the MSPCA taking photos. (well, officially ‘taking photos’ but, unofficially cuddling, kissing, and rolling about in the grass with exponential amounts of puppies!) I simply can’t help the smile on my face when I’m there. These dogs are giving me so much more than I could ever give them.

Last week, while doing my photographic rounds at the shelter – I had an extraordinary experience. I was assigned to take photos of a new pair of little pit bull puppies that came into the shelter at the beginning of the week. As I approached their cage – I heard their sweet & tiny whines. I could hear the anxiety and confusion in their little voices and I knew that these two would need a bit of extra special care. The moment I peeked through the bars of that cage and saw those two perfect faces – my heart melted. Two sets of warm puppy eyes equipped with big floppy ears stared back me through the cage bars. But these weren’t your typical bouncy puppies – clearly – these puppies knew pain. They were sweet, but terribly frightened. They were malnourished – Skin and bones with more ribs than I’d like to see poking through their fur. Somebody had been severely unfair to these two little angels. (Understatement). I took them out one at a time. First was Schroeder, the sweet little boy – and then Jenga, the beautiful little girl.

But here’s where I finally arrive at my point. When I got these perfect creatures outside into the sunshine and let them free in a big grassy pen to run and play – neither of them wanted to leave me. Schroeder was attached at my hip, following every single step I made in any direction. I sat on the ground with Jenga  and she knocked me over with weakened kisses – nuzzling her tiny little head into the space between my neck and my shoulder.  Their perfect tails still wagged, their little pink tongues still brushed my cheek, and their tiny heads nuzzled at my side. It was one of my kind that did a sickening injustice to their fragile innocence and yet – they forgive. All they want to give is love. And all they want to get is love.

And with Jenga in my arms – I sat there, in the middle of a field, bowled over by the love of one, tiny forgotten puppy with my mind absolutely blown. I think that all the good and all the beauty in the entire world is wrapped up in the essence of a canine. I held Jenga’s tiny little skull in my hands and realized alot of things about the world. Her love had been betrayed and she didn’t hesitate for a single second to give a second chance. I know I’ve said it before – but these dogs have so much to teach us about love and forgiveness. And my mind is wide open and willing to learn from them.

It’s just a simple story. But, I thought it was one worth sharing. I think, all too often, we overlook these beautiful things in life.

I’ve included some photos from my past few weeks at the MSPCA. I’ve never seen so much wagging happiness before in my life. I hope you get as much joy from these faces as I do. These pups are waiting patiently for love. Visit theMSPCA‘s website for information on how to give one a second chance.










Until next time! 🙂


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MSPCA Adoptables!

So, I just recently started volunteering at the MSPCA. Needless to say, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I photograph their adoptable animals to put up on sites like PetFinder and Adopt-a-Pet. Obviously, the biggest challenge is not taking every single one of these perfect little creatures home with me.

Here’s the thing about these animals – no matter how much I try to give and give and relentlessly give to them – it will never ever be any match to how much they give to me.

These are animals that have been through very difficult things (to say the least). They’ve been abandoned, forgotten about and left behind.  And still – I got nothing less than brilliant smiles and wet tongue kisses from each and every one of them. Even after everything – all they want is to love. They have alot to teach us as humans – and forgiveness is one of those things.

There will never be anything I would rather do than give my time to making their lives better – to giving them the lives they deserved in the first place.
So here’s to the gorgeous, perfect adoptable dogs at the MSPCA – have a look at them. And next time you think about purchasing a pet from a store or a breeder – think harder about it. Animals are not commodities to be traded , but real live breathing manifestations of loyalty and unrivaled happiness. And these ones at the MSPCA need you.

If you’ve got room in your home and your heart for one of these fuzzy angels visit the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen – they’ll be waiting for you. 🙂