MSPCA Pit Bull Awareness T-Shirt! – Boston Dog Photographer

Every year, the MSPCA puts out a Pro-Pit Bull themed t-shirt to be sold at all three of their physical shelter locations, as well as in their online store. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts go to an absolutely amazing program called ‘Pit Pals’. The ‘Pit Pals’ program provides very low cost spay and neuter services to low income Pit Bull owners. It reaches thousands of people and their Pit Bulls every year and has measurably reduced the number of homeless puppies entering into the shelter systems in Massachusetts. And since Pit Bulls are the number 1 breed of dog most commonly found in shelters in the New England area – thats a huge, huge feat.

Well, do I have an announcement for you! It is with a happy, wiggly little dance and a very proud smile that I tell you  – my own sweet boy Joshua is the spokesdog starring on the front of the t-shirt in this year’s new design!! The director of the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm location – Mike Keiley – approached me asking if I might have any images of very happy Pit Bulls that I would be willing to share for a possible new t shirt design. I was very flattered that he asked, and the answer to his question was – OF COURSE I DO! 🙂 (I mean, what Pit Bull on the planet isn’t consistently happy, waggling and smiling? If they’re out there, I haven’t met one yet…) So, I sent in some of my favorite joyful Pit Bull photographs that Ive had the privilege to capture over the years  – and this one of Joshua was chosen as the new 2014 T-Shirt design! Wahhhh!!!


(In case you were wondering, here is the original image that this was taken from. This was the very first day that we took Joshua home after he spent 6 months in the shelter, and I think he was quite happy…):


So, I thought – what better way to showcase this fabulous garment to you than by having the star himself model it for us…?


Joshua is quite proud of himself to say the least. The snaggletooth above says it all….


So, I asked Joshua to please model both the front and the back of the tshirt design for us. He happily obliged. Although, in between the shot on the left and the shot on the right, he did let out quite a smelly fart….

(i wonder if they could add ‘aromatic’ into the description on the shirt? …)



I have to tell you – its a little bit surreal for me to be out and about on the town, or walking through the streets or a park at a session and see a stranger walk by wearing my fuzzy boy on their shirt! It makes my heart dance with joy to see my stubby little sweetheart as an icon for such positive Pit Bull promotion. I guess Im totally a stage Mom at heart, because I just beam with pride thinking of how far he has come since his days of abandonment and  life at the shelter.


and the sentiment of this shirt is of course, my favorite part. Because really – the best advice that I could ever give to someone is to search beyond the surface and the stereotype – the dig a little bit deeper and get to the happy, wagging soulful part of this wildly misunderstood breed. It could just change your life…


If you are as head over heels in love with this shirt as I am, and you’d like to get your hands on one  – follow this link to the MSPCA’s website where they are being sold for $15:

And remember, not only are you communicating your love of this amazing breed to the rest of the world, you are also supporting a very worthy cause. AND the best part is that you get to keep Joshua’s outrageously goofy face in your closet. 😛


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  1. Such a superstar 😀

  2. I thought that guy on my shirt looked familiar! Yaaaa Joshua!

  3. I bought this shirt for me and my fiance for Christmas — he loves it. And as a proud pit mama, I absolutely love wearing it and it always makes me smile! Adorable modeling session! =)

  4. I knew that face looked familiar but I couldn’t place it! Awesome!

  5. I will most definitely be picking one up Kaylee! What a wonderful honor!

  6. Fabulous shots! What a divine dog, he is just adorable and now he is FAMOUS! Yay! Kaylee would you mind me asking what lens you were using for the shots in the sitting room, they are gorgeous and the light is beautiful.

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