Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month!

This post is about Pit Bulls and the people who love them.

It is the last day of Pit Bull Awareness month and I cant think of a better time to take a step back and remember all of the incredible Pit Bulls that I have had the lucky privilege of meeting and photographing over the course of this past year.

This blog post is dedicated to everyone who gave a second chance to an underdog. Everyone who was brave enough to take a stand and rise above the ignorance and stereotypes. And most importantly, this is for everyone who was heroic enough to save the life of a homeless abandoned shelter Pit Bull.

These are all of the Pit Bull faces that I have had the incredible opportunity to photograph this past year. While each one is unique and a character all their own, they all share those same goofy, trademark Pit Bull traits that make this breed so dear to my heart — outrageously big doofy smiles, waggly tails and wiggly bums that never stop, and the ability to cuddle and love like no other breed on the planet.

And the best part of all of these gorgeous dogs that you’re about to see? Each and every individual one has been rescued. Rescued from a lesser fate. Reclaimed from a cold cage and welcomed into a warm home. There is no greater love story on the planet… 🙂

First up is sweet Carlin. Carlin was rescued from a high-kill animal control facility in Orlando, Florida. Each dog’s cage is labeled with the number of days that they have left before a hard cold needle comes and takes their life away from them — Carlin’s cage had a big, fat number 1 on it when his Dad found him. Carlin was swept out of that cage and into warm, loving arms with less than 24 hours to spare. Now Carlin lives each day beneath the sunshine, bathed in endless joy and love. Here is Carlin’s fancy trick that he was very proud to show off to me on the white sand beach at our shoot on Honeymoon Island in Florida. “Roll Half.” Thats right. Not ‘Roll Over’  — ‘Roll Half’ . What a talented little man you are Carlin! 🙂


Gorgeous Olivia is a foster failure (the best kind of failure!). She was being fostered by her family through the fabulous Pittie Love Rescue and they just couldn’t stand the thought of letting her go… (I mean, how could you with a face like that..?)


Pumpkin is a gorgeous, gentle young man who was rescued by his Mom from someone who no longer wanted him. He is now the happiest, wiggliest, most joyful little thing – and is stuck to his Mom’s side like glue. (he’s also pretty fond of sticks!)


I was lucky enough to meet and photograph Rocky while on a cross country Dog Breath ‘photo tour’. Rocky lives in Maryland with his family and was so excited to show me around his neck of the woods! …


I met Hampton’s parents while at a benefit for Pit Bulls in Boston. They showed me his photo on their phone and I just melted into my shoes. We quickly scheduled a shoot for this handsome young man at the gorgeous Paul Revere Park in Charlestown, MA. Hampton is very much a city boy, and is so grateful to have been rescued by his parents from a shelter in the south.


Anna is a gorgeous girl who was dropped off at the shelter where her Mom works. She was found loose on their grounds, running amuck with the goats and pigs who are kept in a big pen in the front of the property. Someone had abandoned her, left her to live life all alone – but her parents swept in and took her home. Anna is now a certified couch potato and revels in the endless love that her parents shower her in everyday!


Trixie is a gorgeous little high-flyin Pittie with spunk! Here she is with her sister Middie – giving her the old ‘one-two-paw to the face’ move. We had so much fun at our session in the snow!


Oh, and this next guy.. I cant say enough about him. Talk about personality. Turkey was an adoptable pup at the shelter where I volunteer each week. I knew him while he was lonely and homeless, and now I have the pleasure to know him as a happy, proud, so outrageously loved  member of an amazing family. We had our photo session on the beach by Turkey’s new home. Clearly, he was in his ‘happy place’ here….


Sweet Zooey is a rescue from Tennessee. She was sent up to be a part of her parents family before they ever even met her — they just knew from her photos that she was the girl for them. We had our session at the gorgeous Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plan while the pink flowers blooming in the trees were at their brightest.


The gorgeous Miss Ellie is another southern rescue girl! Her Mom never knew she wanted a Pit Bull. In fact, she was at the shelter specifically looking for another breed — but when she saw Ellie Mae’s big, soulful eyes through the bars of her cage – she just knew that they were meant to be. This photo was taken in a fantastic old bus tunnel in gorgeous Providence, RI. Ellie and her Mom were so fun and up for adventure that I just knew we had to do something different! …


This next girl was rescued from one of my very favorite shelters — the MSPCA! Esme’s Mom works at the shelter as one of their obedience trainers .. so needless to say – Esme was a perfectly behaved young lady at her session. (hence, being able to get to her to balance on things for her photos.) 🙂


Hurley, another rescued guy, had his photo session alongside his Boxer sister Riley. We had an absolute blast at our shoot at the beautiful Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI , and I still cant believe it – but we were lucky enough to capture a RAINBOW!


Josie was an absolute riot at her Dog Breath photo session. She bounced and wiggled her way through 2 hrs like it was absolutely nothing. Here is a rare moment of stillness for her — very proud to show off her new squeaky toy for the camera…


Yogi is easily one of the most stunning Pit Bulls that I have ever had the privilege to photograph. I still cant get over that gorgeous white coat and golden yellow eyes. Would you just look at him!? ….


and Yogi’s sister Molly is no slouch in the ‘good looks’ department! Here is the gorgeous girl herself, enjoying the beautiful setting of our shoot at Biddeford Pool, Maine.


I just recently had the privilege of meeting and photographing this handsome young man! Raider splished and splashed his way through our session at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill, MA


While his friend, baby Audo was a little less excited about actually get in the water….


I had an absolute blast at Julius’ session in downtown Boston! This guy literally had me cracking up for well over 2 hours as we adventured around the city. He’s a brilliant comedian….


Sweet Sam was a rock star for his photo session. His smile has got to be one of my favorite Pittie smiles Ive ever had the privilege to witness. Sam crossed over to the rainbow bridge not long after this shot was taken. He is so dearly missed by his incredible family — but wow – were they ever lucky to know him and let his change their hearts. We love you, sweet Sam.


Gorgeous Lady Lexi starred in her Dog Breath photo session right alongside her Boxer brother Moose. Lexi’s Mom is an incredible advocate for rescues, and she is doing so much good in this world for the plight of Pit Bulls and shelter dogs alike. We spent the second half of Lexi’s session on the beautiful beaches of Narragansett, Rhode Island. I just adore this shot of her ‘one ear up, one ear down’ look just as twilight was falling down around us. (Oh and please note Lexi’s painted pink toenails!!) 😛


I had the time of  my life at my photo session with these three gorgeous troublemakers. Hailey, Madison and Tyson were perfect stars for their Dog Breath shoot in Boston. Here they are, enjoying the warm summer air on the esplanade overlooking the Charles River just as the sun was dipping behind the horizon behind them. 🙂


Next up is the hilarious Miss Lola. Lola was very proud to show off her ‘teeth ball’ at her recent photo session. I almost couldnt snap this photo I was laughing so hard..

Lola was rescued from a barn, in which she was living in the cold – she was thin and sick and had given birth to multiple litters.  Her parents took her in and changed her life.


Havana is Lola’s daughter. She was rescued by the same family, from the same barn. Havana is quite the athlete, and spent the better part of her session flying through the air!


This next guy is incredibly special to me. I had the extreme privilege of meeting and photographing this gorgeous little angel just days before he left this world behind. Orion was rescued from my very favorite shelter on the planet – the MSPCA at Nevins Farm. Orion’s Mom was aware that he had cancer at the time that she rescued him, but her heart was so full of love that she didn’t mind. She took him in and filled up his life with joy until his very last minute. Orion was only 6 years old when he made the trip away from this world. We miss him so much. He was so loved. May the fields be green and endless and the treats and love be plentiful in your perfect heaven, Orion.


And would you just look at this little butterfly? Is there anything more adorable on the whole planet? Scarlett paraded her way through her very recent Dog Breath photo session as a beautiful pink butterfly. I think thats a great look for you, Scarlett… 🙂


And no Pit Bull blog post would be complete without my very own squishy man. This boy has brought more light and love to my life that I ever thought possible. From a lonely, cold and dark basement where he used to be locked, to cuddles on the couch, warm food in his belly and endless kisses on his little round head. (okay, okay… big, round head!!)





5 thoughts on “Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month!”

  1. Thank you for sharing these awesome pics…I donate every month to Peaceworks Animal Rescue in Bedford, NH. Maybe you saw the Pitbull named Jolie that was featured on, Pitbulls and Parolees…..I drove up to visit her…I realized they needed my monthly contribution more than MSPCA..they are a small rescue…you may want to visit..they are so friendly and welcome visitors…just a thought.
    Thanks again for this great site !
    Penny Meagher

  2. This blog is your best ever, Kaylee! You have turned me from a doubter to a believer in our Pit Bull friends. Thank you for that and everything else you do!

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