Petunia has been a very patient girl.


Sometimes there is a dog who just pours her heart out to you. She doesn’t speak in words – but through her eyes. With one look, she lets you see into her soul. And you know what that soul is saying?

‘Love Me’.

 Petunia is one of the most special, whimsical little creatures I have ever come across. She was found as a lonely little stray – left to battle the harshness of the world all alone on the streets. She is mostly blind and has trouble when navigating on her own. When I think of her sweet face, my eyes well up with tears of hope. Hope for a new life. Hope for love. Hope for a family that might someday come and call Petunia their own.


Rewind 7 months to a chilly January afternoon, just a few days after Christmas. I walked through the doors of the adoption center at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm where I volunteer each week taking photographs of the adoptable dogs. On this particular winter day, I had no idea the kind of head-over-heels love that I was in for. As I walked through the adoption room with a pen and pad, checking sweet faces that needed photos for their adoption profiles off of my list, I landed at Petunia’s cage. I peered over the edge and down to the most gorgeous yellow-golden eyes I’ve ever seen, perfectly paired with a smile colored with boundless sunshine and happiness. That face was attached to an endlessly wiggly little body that was swaying from side to side at about a million miles per minute, and a stumpy little tail that looked as though it could fly right off that adorable bum with its wagging vengeance . Within seconds, I was smitten. I took Petunia out of her cage to in preparation for a photo adventure. But before I could get back on my feet after clipping Petunia to her leash, I was assaulted by goobery, wet kisses and little intermittent piglet snorts of excitement. Needless to say, I fell hard and fast for this squishy little ball of endless joy.




It has been more than 7 months since that winter afternoon that I lost my heart to that sweet little girl. And each and every time that I have entered those adoption room doors since that day, I cross my fingers and hold my breath, hoping that I might find a cage empty of Petunia, with a sign that so many other dogs that come through these doors have proudly earned. A sign that reads ‘I’ve been adopted!’. Seven long months and each week, I still walk by and peer over to that same smiling face. And while I adore seeing, kissing and cuddling her – my heart sinks for yet another week that she’s been overlooked. Petunia has been so patient.



I told Petunia to close her eyes and wish very hard for the perfect family to come and fill up her life with love…


We sat there together for hours on that hill, dreaming dreams and making wishes.




And every night when Petunia drifts off to sleep in her cage at the adoption center, she dreams fairytale dreams of arms to snuggle her, hearts to love her, and all the affection of a family that she can call her very own.  I can only pray that the long and lonely wait will be over soon, and that one day, when Petunia wakes up from her dream, she’ll find that is has become a reality. 🙂

Dreams do come true, sweet girl. And we wont ever give up hope.

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “Petunia”

  1. No one has adopted this sweet girl and she’s been waiting for SEVEN months? What’s up with that?????? very sad. Great pics.

  2. I feel every emotion and think every thought you mentioned with your wonderful words about sweet Petunia. She seems to be lost – and I wonder why no one has come along all these month to bring her to her forever home. I see her lying flat on her belly with legs stretched out and smiling and wonder how in the world has no one brought her into their family. Yes, has to be the right family but it shouldn’t be this difficult for her to go to home!!!

  3. I must say as beautiful as it is that our little girl has found her “furever home” I am gonna miss her little mushy face so much….:(

  4. Reading this on 8/15……….happy beyond words that Petunia has finally found her very own forever home! Thanks Kaylee for highlighting these wonderful pups that deserve so much! I have two rescued boxers and I love them more than words can describe. Rescues are the best….they are so grateful because they understand what you’ve done for them!!!!

  5. I just read this heartwarming story and was going to call my husband and tell him we have to save Petunia and I am driving tomorrow to get her…I live in Upstate NY! So happy to read she found a furever home. I hope you are able to take her picture again someday and show how much she is loved!

  6. I went to the Adoption center today and Petunia is back for adoption.This Beautiful loving cuddly little girl definitely deserves a nice home and loving family.I can only pray that the long and lonely wait will be over soon.

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