Project 52 – Bedtime

Another Friday, Another Project 52! This is a very strong argument for why Friday is the best day of the week. 🙂

This week’s theme for Project 52 made me giggle the moment I saw it. Why, you ask? Because this past weekend, I happened to have a photo session with the most perfect, most ridiculously charismatic little girl who fit perfectly for this theme. Minnie was a total firecracker during her session. We visited not one, but two different parks where she championed rock walls, steep bridges and did her fair share of puddle jumping. She rocked the session with her big expressive eyes and her glowing ‘can’t deny me treats’ smirk. Little Miss Minnie was kicking butt and taking names – that is until we reached the third location. That’s right – Her bedroom.

And when I say her bedroom, I mean her bedroom. Minnie is the world’s luckiest, most loved little pup. Her parents are some of the nicest people in the world, and not only decided to rescue her from a lesser fate – but also so selflessly gave up a room in their home for her to call her own. (And it’s gorgeous by the way! The little girl inside me was super jealous!)

When Minnie found her bed after her long, tireless day of modeling and looking beautiful, she swiftly punched her timecard and clocked out for the evening. Just moments later, Minnie showed no shame as she snored triumphantly away, with my lens still stuck to her face.


I just love Minnie’s ‘bedtime’ face ….



Honk Shoo. Honk Shoo. Honk Shoo…


Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzzz Zzzzzzz

Oh, and don’t you worry – this won’t be the last you see of gorgeous Minnie! There will be a full blog post featuring Minnie’s awesome session in the not so distant future. Keep your eyes on the blog!

Now, don’t forget this is a blog ring! Continue your adventure by clicking on over to Unleashed! Pet Portraits in Victoria, British Columbia to see what bedtime looks like there! Follow the links all the way around the ring and end up right back here – with sleepy Minnie and me!

Until Next Time!



4 thoughts on “Project 52 – Bedtime”

  1. Kelly – thank you so much! Minnie was a total joy to photograph. She was so easy, and her expressions were priceless. Also – she was obviously outrageously adorable when she slept.

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