Project 52 – Motivation

I can’t believe it’s already Friday again! ahhh! 🙂 (that’s part ‘Yay for Friday!’ and part ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe how time flies!’) ha. Anyway – Another Friday means another installment of the Project 52 blog ring!

This week’s theme is ‘Motivation’.

I absolutely love this theme – because as a pet photographer, ‘motivation’ is an important word. So much more goes into creating an image than you can see from the final photograph. It usually takes quite a bit more effort than you would ever guess to get that ‘perfect shot’. On my shoots, I bring quite the arsenal of goodies along with me: squeaky toys, hot dogs, rubber ducks, tennis balls, cookies, cheese, various sound effects apps, treats, etc. All of this stuff is motivation. When I’m out and about in some gorgeous, expansive park with all kinds of new sights, sounds and smells, the last thing my four-legged models typically want to do it sit and stay still. BO-RING! They want to run amuck and express their joy with crazy little zoomie dances, sniff all kinds of new butts and pee on the world. So having a few tricks up my sleeve to keep them at least a little bit interested in me and my camera is crucial. (of course, I have nothing against zoomie dances, those are wonderful too.) 🙂

In order to demonstrate my point, this fuzzy little guy  I know named Joshua is back this week with a starring role.

‘What is Joshua’s motivation’ you ask? Cookies, of course.

In the end, all of Joshua’s patience paid off! His little piece of ‘motivation’ turned into an afternoon snack.

Joshua also wanted to take this opportunity to say a big huge thank you to my wonderful, outrageously  thoughtful client who gifted him with those beautiful & tasty gourmet cookies! (Thank You Kristin!!)

Now, the best part of Project 52 is that it is a blog ring! To continue your adventure, Click on over to NCS Pet Photography in Windsor Ontario to see what kind of motivation you can find there! Follow the links all the way around the circle and end up right back here where you started – with me and a stumpy, hungry little Joshua monster!

Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Project 52 – Motivation”

  1. I love the last shot… “this is myyyy cookie, Kalyee… you gave it to me… don’t even think about taking it away or you will force me to eat it in one bite and I will not get to enjoy it!”

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