Project 52 – Urban

It’s Project 52 time! And, this week’s theme was chosen by yours truly! That’s right! Me!…

I had mulled over what I was going to pick when it was finally my turn for many many weeks. Well, 20 weeks came and went, and finally, on this wonderful 21st week of the year – it’s my time to shine!

The theme I chose is ‘Urban’.

As pet photographers, 90% of the time, we find ourselves shooting in fenced in yards, grassy fields, parks, meadows, etc. And, while all of these locations are absolutely wonderful — I thought it was time that we challenged ourselves to take our fuzzy subjects out of our backyards and into the big city!

The city has so much to offer when it comes to creating art. The shapes, colors and textures that can be found in a city are unrivaled. And part of being a good photographer is the ability to embrace these concepts and arrange them into a composition worthy of being called art.

Within the next few moments, you will be bowled over by a face that is so cute it’ll make your stomach hurt. Lilly is a goofy, butt wagglin’, sideways walkin’ Boxer that is made out of the same things that dreams are. (2 parts squishy love, 1 part wagging bum.)

Lilly is a country girl at heart. She hails from a sleepy little town in New Hampshire where she lives on lots of land with her canine sisters. This was her first trip to a big city.

I am lucky enough to live just 5 minutes from one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Boston is a historic marvel, teeming with vivacious life. I knew it was exactly where I wanted to take Miss Lilly.

Lilly marveled at all of the new sights and sounds that Boston had to offer her. It was a busy Spring day and the city was bustling. Lilly cocked her head at each siren, stopped short for every horn and smelled more friends’ butts than she ever knew possible. She sniffed the sidewalks with a curious little nose and made sure to walk the long way around every subway grate that appeared in her path. (Too cold for her princess feet I suppose.)

Our first stop was Boston’s gorgeous Beacon Hill neighborhood. Talk about a dream. The cobblestone streets and secret backyard gardens are like a little fairytale come to life…

and sometimes I would have to say ‘Lilly — Yes your butt is very cute but it’s all I can see! Turn around!’

Next we were off to Newbury Street to check out the graffiti. If you asked Lilly why we were there she would have said ‘to lick stranger’s ice cream drips off the sidewalk’. But, that’s another story…

And finally, we journeyed to Commonwealth Avenue to enjoy the park benches for a bit..

Our adventure through Boston was incredible. Lilly was the greatest model a girl could ask for. Also, she’s not a bad kisser. ๐Ÿ˜› She had the time of her life, but was quite ready to get back to her bed in New Hampshire by the end of it. She’ll always be a true country girl – but it was an adventure she’ll never forget!

And don’t forget about the best part of Project 52 — there’s more!! Click on over to the incredibly talented, fellow Massachusetts Pet Photographerย Blue Amrich! Click all the way back around and end up right back here where you started! With me and Lilly the gooberface!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next week!



8 thoughts on “Project 52 – Urban”

  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! You’re such a talent. TGIF is even better when you share your weekly photo project.

  2. Lily is a fantastic model. She could be a cover girl. These are great locations. I love the one of her in front of the black door.

  3. Lily is gorgeous as only Boxers can be – that sweet yet mischevious face. I love your photos, of course. That first set, in Beaconhill, really are quite dreamy and fairy tale-like.

  4. Such a fantastic series of images, you can see the excitement in Lilly’s eyes in almost every shot, she is a great model with great locations. And thanks for picking such a cool theme ๐Ÿ™‚

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