Oh, the love of a canine …


These hugs are my medicine.

This is love. And I am lucky.
To say that photographing the adoptable dogs at the MSPCA is therapeutic is an understatement. Despite the hours of work each week, the fur covered clothes, and the drool smeared camera lenses – these sweet, innocent animals give me more than I could ever give to them. In my humble opinion, there is more love inside the eyes of a canine than there is anywhere else in the entire world. These dogs share every ounce of their joy so selflessly – even despite their unfortunate situations. Some of these dogs know loss, abandonment and sorrow more closely than I would ever hope to, and yet they don’t feel sorry for themselves. They forgive. They learn to love again because love is what fuels them. Some people perceive these dogs as broken. But the truth is – these shelter animals are the moving, breathing definition of strength. They are my living testament to truth, fortitude, bravery and love. Their hearts are the purest shade of red. I am so blessed to be able to spend these perfect moments with each and every one of them. They teach me about what’s really important in life. And I am so grateful for that.



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