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Project 52 – My Favorite Things

The theme for Project 52 this week was ‘My Favorite Things’. The instruction was to photograph a fuzzy subject and their favorite thing. And oh boy, do I have a story of favorites for you ….



Meet Lily.

Lily is a 2.5 pound, rootin’ tootin’ ball of attitude.  She knows what she wants and when she wants it. Lily is fond of all kinds of things including chicken treats, her fluffy pink bed and laying on the heat vent in the kitchen. But above and beyond all that – her very favorite thing on the whole planet is her furry little fox friend that she keeps next to her at all times. We’ve dubbed him Bartleby Jones.

Bartleby was a gift to Lily over 4 years ago from her human Mom. Lily drags him with her anywhere she goes. She enjoys sleeping with him, looking out the window while cuddling him, and smelling his fuzzy little face. (Case in point…)

And that last photo is Lily giving you the stank eye. She’s protective of her best friend and is letting you know that you won’t get away with any funny business while she’s around.

Lily and Bartleby are inseparable. And as long as he is by her side – she’s happy.

Now when I tell you that Bartleby the fox is Lily’s best friend I’m really not joking around. This wasn’t just one of those ‘Oh no! I have to do a blog post so let me take some photos last minute and throw together an idea that fits the theme’ scenarios. Nope. This is real, true love. And it has been for years – Ever since she first laid eyes on him 4 years ago when she was just a little bugger. She has taken extra special care of him each and every day. And when I say they’re in LOVE – I’m not kidding. At the risk of being slightly inappropriate and borderline hilarious – here’s a video I took of Lily and Bartleby last year. You’ll have to forgive the poor video quality as it was filmed on the nearest thing I could find at that surprising moment – which happened to be my cell phone.

Gets me every time.

And don’t forget this is a blog ring made up of wonderfully talented photographers from all over the world! Now that you’ve had more ridiculousness than you can handle for one day – click on over to Central Coast Pet Photographer, Sharon Stokes to check out what kinds of favorites are happening in her neck of the woods.

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Project 52 – My Favorite Things”

  1. Great job! Small dog make me laugh because they do so much more attitude, I guess to make up for their small size. Bartleby is almost the same size as Lily- too funny!

  2. Such gorgeous images. Love the ‘back off’ stink eye shot 🙂
    I nearly lost my mouthful of tea while watching the video of Lily and Bartleby!!!!

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