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Project 52 – Retro

Oh, Friday. Good to have you back. 🙂

And in honor of your return to my life – it’s time for another Project 52 blog post!

This week’s theme was ‘Vintage/Retro’. And it couldn’t be more perfect timing because this gives me the opportunity to share some images from a recent shoot I did for a submission to Pinups for Pitbulls. (PFPB is an incredible organization doing a world of good for an AMAZING cause! Take a moment out of your busy life to check them out.)

My stunning pinup model is none other than the beautiful Caitlin Lento – and of course, lets not forget Miss Nala the shining canine star!

Take a moment to feel a little retro and bask in the glory of the 1950’s pinup era. (Oh, and also the glory of that perfect blue-eyed puppy balancing on a pedestal)….




Next up is Chase & Snap Pet Photography by Stephanie Madeline | New Jersey Pet Photographer. Click on over there to see all things retro and vintage in her bright and beautiful world! If you follow the links all the way around the blog ring you’ll end up right back here with me and the two attractive blondes above. (Okay, okay – one is more of a stark white with a few colored spots thrown in.. But, you know what I mean.)  🙂


12 thoughts on “Project 52 – Retro”

  1. oh, I am so sorry I forgot to comment on this weeks images.

    This is such a seriously outstanding pair of images, I would love to see more from this shoot!

    Kaylee I think you totally rocked this theme, well done.

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