‘Fall in Love’ Adoption Event

Just last Saturday I had the honor of photographing the MSPCA’s ‘Fall in Love’ Adoption event at Nevins Farm. Due to generous donor support, the MSPCA was able to waive the adoption fee for adult cats for one weekend event in all 4 of its locations throughout Massachusetts.

The adoption center was packed full of eager future cat owners! Upon entering, I navigated the narrow pathways between Nevins Farm’s guests and into the cat room where all the perfect adult cats sat patiently waiting for their new, warm forever homes.

The excitement in the air was contagious as each and every person made their way through the cat room coddling and cuddling their way to their new pet…



After a busy weekend, Nevins Farm single-handedly adopted out over 80 adult cats to their new forever homes!! Yep, you heard it right – – EIGHT – ZERO!! Talk about a success!!

I feel so blessed that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful event and that I was able to work with this amazing institution that is doing so much good for the community and the animals within it.

Oh, there is so much love in this world. Take some time to notice it.




With all the heart and joy I can muster up,



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