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Be still my melting heart …

The past two weeks at the MSPCA have been magical.

I’ve had the lucky opportunity to meet so many different, beautiful canine personalities. Each perfect little (sometimes big!) face that I have the opportunity to spend time with has something so unique and thoroughly wonderful about them.

Meet Bobo – the young German Shepard mix with the world’s most beautiful eyes and the insatiable appetite for tennis balls and frisbees.

Here’s Ace. He’s the fastest, most agile dog I’ve ever seen while also being chock full of ‘good boy’ manners! And oh, what a face!

Billie is a dalmatian/boxer mix and (as I don’t really need to point out) is heart stoppingly beautiful. She is equally as gentle and sweet. Billie is a cuddle queen and pays extra attention to touch and sight because she is deaf. (That means extra kisses and cuddles for everyone!!)

Introducing Brownie. Brownie is laid back, calm and incredibly good-natured. She is a happy, healthy pup and is so eager to share her perfect smile!

Josh is next. Josh is literally the world’s happiest dog. He is jovial, bright and is bursting full of sunshine. He’s incredibly well-behaved and is so eager to love. He had me with the first big swipe of his pink tongue. (or it might have been the second I saw that face peering up at me.) Would you just look at that smile?!

Here’s Rocky! Rocky is the picture of perfection. He is a big, cuddly, fuzzy love bug. He was thrilled to show me the teddy bear he found and prance around with it like a proud young man!

Shadoh is my comic relief. I can’t look at his adorable toothy grin without cracking up. If I could keep this wonder pup by my side each and every day for his good spirits I would be one lucky lady. He has the biggest, most wonderful smile on the planet. He must be half superhero/half Boston Terrier. 

Meet Steve! Little buddy Steve is the most regal miniature pinscher I’ve ever encountered. He’s so happy, energetic and full of life! 

It’s safe to say Vinny took my heart and ran with it. And there’s a little piece of it that I will never get back. I am completely, thoroughly, 100% irrevocably in love with Vinny the Red Carolina dog. He cuddles and nudges his head against you like a purring cat. He’s smart, agile and incredibly beautiful. He’s every single thing one could ever want all wrapped into one perfect pup.

So even despite all these wonderful, unique differences that each canine soul has, all of the above pups have one thing in common – they need you. They need warm, loving forever homes to spend their days and nights in. They need happy humans to cuddle with and show their smiles to. If you are considering being this for one of these dogs – visit the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm website or to learn more.

Until another wonderful next time! …



2 thoughts on “Be still my melting heart …”

  1. Thank you so much for volunteering at the shelter and for sharing these amazing photos! They’re enough to make me wish I had a dog (we’re cat people and we foster kittens for Nevins) just so I could hire you to photograph him/her!

    1. Amy! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my photos! I really appreciate it. 🙂 From one animal lover to another – I can imagine you understand how thoroughly wonderful it is to spend time with these animals. 🙂 And, hey – I don’t discriminate against cats! I take their photos too! If you want some beautiful photos of your babies we can make that happen! Feel free to email me anytime at!

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