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Lyla, Mufasa & Caesar

Another week at the MSPCA brings another slew of gorgeous faces for me to share with you. I could go on and on about the incredible joy I feel when I spend time with these dogs – but I hope that when you look at my photos you can feel it – with no need for me to articulate it with words.

Meet Lyla – the gorgeous, sweet little Australian Shepard girl with brilliant multi-colored eyes,

Mufasa – the towering, massive and inexplicably gentle honey-eyed Mastiff,

and Caesar – the goofy, happy, phenomenally well-behaved Pit Bull.




And here I am. Lucky, lucky me cuddling with the gentlest giant on the planet – Mufasa the Mastiff. I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo with him. You can’t fake this kind of joy. 🙂

as always – you can find out more about these pups at or please feel free to contact me for more details.

(I can’t promise I won’t be intensely jealous if you end up with one of these babies in your home.)      🙂

Until next time!



4 thoughts on “Lyla, Mufasa & Caesar”

  1. I know this is old but is Mufasa still alive?! Is he ok?! Where is this?! How did you come to get him?! I have so many questions about him if you would please, please respond!!!

    1. Hi Clarence! Mufasa was an adoptable pup at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA just shy of 2 years ago. He was adopted not long after these photos were taken. (In fact, he was stolen out of his cage at the shelter first – and then was returned about a week later, after the story of Mufasa’s disappearance showed up on lots of local news broadcasts). After his return, he was officially adopted out. I wish I knew how the shelter came upon him – but I really don’t know too much else about Mufasa’s story. Are you connected to this gorgeous pup in some way? If you were hoping to find out more about him, you might be able to contact the director of the MSPCA – Mike Keiley – and see if he knows anything else. (just visit, click over to ‘Nevins Farm’ and search through the contact section. The shelter keeps extensive records on each dog, so I imagine he could provide you with more details.

      1. Hi thanks a lot! So if I contact Nevin’s Farm they’ll be able to connect me with Mike Keiley? Because they’re closed now so I would have to try again tomorrow. You see Mufasa was my dog and I raised him from a puppy. It’s not that I’m trying to take him back from his current home. I’d just like to know that he’s ok

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