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Snowflake and Schatzie

Each and every time I visit the MSPCA to do my weekly photo round – something wonderful happens. This week, that something wonderful was the last cage on the right at the very end of the dog holding room – the temporary home of Snowflake and Schatzie. The two came into the shelter separately and with very different stories — but since being at the MSPCA they have become roommates and best friends. I took each of them out for their respective photo shoots and had no idea I was about to meet two of the world’s most adorable and well-behaved dogs.

Schatzie is a male Yorkie and absolutely loved to play fetch at daringly high speeds! But, I really discovered his weakness when I pulled out a squeak toy. Schatzie heard that golden sound and came booking it towards me at about 37 miles per hour just to investigate the situation. And that situation ended up being a fuzzy squeak toy in Schatzie’s mouth for the rest of our time together.

Snowflake is an adorable and happy little female poodle mix. Snowflake liked to chase all the birds she could find in the field we were playing in. She also showed me her  happy dance quite a bit! (which is her maniacally rolling around in the grass with the most elated expression I’ve ever seen.) Snowflake is just one incredibly brilliant ray of sunshine and whoever ends up with her in their home will be one lucky human. 🙂

But enough out of me – Would you look at these perfect faces?! …..



Visit the or to learn more about Schatzie and Snowflake! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Snowflake and Schatzie”

  1. These pictures are sooo nice, I love the vibrancy and sharpness I cannot get enough of these cute puppies. Seriously you have some really good stuff here, how did I not know about your blog already?? I am excited to see more shots!!!!

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