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Take us home…

Since we last connected I’ve spent a lot more time at the MSPCA taking photos. (well, officially ‘taking photos’ but, unofficially cuddling, kissing, and rolling about in the grass with exponential amounts of puppies!) I simply can’t help the smile on my face when I’m there. These dogs are giving me so much more than I could ever give them.

Last week, while doing my photographic rounds at the shelter – I had an extraordinary experience. I was assigned to take photos of a new pair of little pit bull puppies that came into the shelter at the beginning of the week. As I approached their cage – I heard their sweet & tiny whines. I could hear the anxiety and confusion in their little voices and I knew that these two would need a bit of extra special care. The moment I peeked through the bars of that cage and saw those two perfect faces – my heart melted. Two sets of warm puppy eyes equipped with big floppy ears stared back me through the cage bars. But these weren’t your typical bouncy puppies – clearly – these puppies knew pain. They were sweet, but terribly frightened. They were malnourished – Skin and bones with more ribs than I’d like to see poking through their fur. Somebody had been severely unfair to these two little angels. (Understatement). I took them out one at a time. First was Schroeder, the sweet little boy – and then Jenga, the beautiful little girl.

But here’s where I finally arrive at my point. When I got these perfect creatures outside into the sunshine and let them free in a big grassy pen to run and play – neither of them wanted to leave me. Schroeder was attached at my hip, following every single step I made in any direction. I sat on the ground with Jenga  and she knocked me over with weakened kisses – nuzzling her tiny little head into the space between my neck and my shoulder.  Their perfect tails still wagged, their little pink tongues still brushed my cheek, and their tiny heads nuzzled at my side. It was one of my kind that did a sickening injustice to their fragile innocence and yet – they forgive. All they want to give is love. And all they want to get is love.

And with Jenga in my arms – I sat there, in the middle of a field, bowled over by the love of one, tiny forgotten puppy with my mind absolutely blown. I think that all the good and all the beauty in the entire world is wrapped up in the essence of a canine. I held Jenga’s tiny little skull in my hands and realized alot of things about the world. Her love had been betrayed and she didn’t hesitate for a single second to give a second chance. I know I’ve said it before – but these dogs have so much to teach us about love and forgiveness. And my mind is wide open and willing to learn from them.

It’s just a simple story. But, I thought it was one worth sharing. I think, all too often, we overlook these beautiful things in life.

I’ve included some photos from my past few weeks at the MSPCA. I’ve never seen so much wagging happiness before in my life. I hope you get as much joy from these faces as I do. These pups are waiting patiently for love. Visit theMSPCA‘s website for information on how to give one a second chance.










Until next time! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Take us home…”

  1. Oh, Faegan!! What a sweet, perfect little puppy she is! I clearly remember when I was photographing her thinking how incredibly lucky whoever ended up with her in their life was going to be. 🙂 It’s so good to hear from you – and I’m so glad you found this post! I have so so many more gorgeous photos of her than what you see here – I spent a good amount of time with her rolling about in the field that day! 🙂 Let me know if you’d like to see the other photos and Ill put an online viewing gallery of them up for you! (There must be at least 20+ more!) Feel free to comment back here or email me at I’d love to hear how she’s doing!

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