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Oh, hello Simba.

So my brother called me the other day and said ‘Kaylee, I did something stupid.’

And before he could proceed to explain further, I heard it – the sound of the most beautiful little puppy bark in the background. Yup.

Now, it would be helpful to understand that my brother is already father to a gorgeous, perfect little pit bull. Her name is Nala, and she is the wiggliest, waggliest, happiest pup I’ve ever met. She’s white and gray and has got the most gorgeous silver-blue eyes.

That being said, the ‘stupid’ thing my brother was referring to was getting a ‘Simba’ to complete the package. There’s been talk of it for many months now – but he finally did it.

My brother Kenny got a call from someone who works from him who also volunteers at a local shelter. Her shelter was contacted about a 5 month old blue nose pit bull puppy who was taken from a house in a bad neighborhood that was raided for drugs. All of the pup’s ‘people’ were jailed and he was left alone. The police made it clear that if no home could be found for the little guy – that he was going to be put down. (It makes me shudder – the thought of such a perfect creature losing his life before ever getting the chance to experience it. Ick.) So, my brother decided to be Simba’s guardian angel. And, to make a long story short – we now have the completion of the duo – Simba and Nala!!

Of course, immediately after hanging up I hopped in my truck and headed straight for my brothers house to love, kiss, and photograph the little guy.

What struck me first was Simba’s happiness and his silly smile. (Not to mention his incredible good looks!) I hugged him until I could hug no more. I start to tear up when I think of how lucky the little sunshineface got. He’s got a new best friend (Nala), amazing parents to care for him, and a gorgeous house with a big yard to play and grow in.

Serendipity? I think so.

So, Simba – here’s to you and a healthy, happy, lucky future as a member of the Greer Family!


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