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The dog with the breath…

So there’s this dog … You may have heard about him once or twice before. But essentially, he’s the sunshine of my life. He’s the one of the best reasons for living and is the greatest teacher I’ve ever had.

His name is Toby.

Yup, the same guy that inspired this business. Notice the little guy with the multi-colored face in my logo? … That’s him! (in all his shining, wagging glory.)

At the tail end of last month I had a hot, muggy, and overtly wonderful photo shoot with Toby down at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida. We found our own private little field to gallop, wrestle and play in. Toby peed on every single thing he sniffed, claiming over 10 acres of land as his own. He also helped himself to endless mouthfuls of grass. (Not my favorite thing – but he’s a sneaky one and will wait until I’m set up a hundred feet across a field with a tripod before he misbehaves so that by the time I reach him, he’s posed as a perfect angel.) I can always tell when he’s been eating grass – or anything else for that matter – by what he’s got stuck up in his jowls between his cheeks and his teeth. If I can’t tell that way – usually he pukes it all up at some point for me to see (and then clean up) anyway.

After our time at the park we took Toby to go get his very own puppy cup! (Vanilla ice cream from Del’s Freeze down on Melbourne’s Atlantic coast – his favorite!!) His scarfed down his ice cream so fast that I almost missed the opportunity to take his photo! ‘Almost’ is the key word there – Luckily, I snapped a few before it all disappeared. 🙂

So, I would like to share with you the visual joy that my incredible pup let me capture that day.

All in all, it was a magnificent day – every barking, wagging, ice-cream-faced moment of it!


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