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Yuki, Alfie & Bella

Last Wednesday, I had the privileged joy of meeting three of the worlds cutest dogs. Oh, but don’t let them fool you – this trio knows how cute they are and they will use it against you to get whatever they want. (i.e. Butt rubs, behind-the-ear scratches, and a patch of face for licking)

There were thunderstorms looming in the atmosphere as well as tornado warnings on Wednesday – but Debbie (the pups’ lucky mother) and I made the brave decision to continue on with the shoot as planned. And it’s a good thing we did! The clouds acted like big diffusers in the sky and made for the most gorgeous light to shoot in! And we finished up just before the first rumbles of thunder began to roll. Perfect timing!

I wish everyone in the world could meet Miss Yuki – the first contender in our photoshoot saga. Yuki is the comic relief of this family. She will do anything for a laugh.  Whether its sprinting about in circles like a wild woman, or hopping up into the nearest playground swing, she’s totally willing and excited. Yuki  is the jokester of the bunch, waggling her pink tongue out one side of her mouth while she gazes with laughing eyes. Whatever Yuki has figured out about life – I want to know it too. We could all stand to benefit from her perfect, light-hearted  view of the world.

Alfie is the boss. He runs the show in this pack of three. Whatever he says goes – and if he doesn’t like it – he’ll let you know with the most SERIOUS face on the planet. Don’t let his small stature of just a few pounds fool you – he’s the man of the family and he don’t take no guff from no one. 😉 He’s especially not fond of costumes – so I’m told. He doesn’t particularly like being dressed up like a chicken – so much so that he will immobilize himself until one removes the costume.

Bella is exactly as her name implies – incredibly beautiful. She’s the southern belle, and a total mommas girl. Bella is the newest addition to the family. She used to belong to the neighbors but dug a hole under their adjoining fence to be part of the Roy family. Bella knew exactly where she wanted to be and her story is as perfect as she is. She is now a happy and loved member of the family. Bella has the most gorgeous eyes of any dog I’ve ever photographed. They’re pure honey. Us dog photographers wish we could only be so lucky as to have every dog we shoot be as beautiful as Miss Bella.

Overall, it was a fantastic and fortunate experience getting to spend time with the Roy family! You can tell wonderful people by wonderful dogs – it rubs off. And thats exactly what we had here. 🙂

Until next time!

-Kaylee @ dog breath photography


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