Fleet Peeples Dog Park Orlando, Florida

At the very end of June Sam and I took a trip to my favorite place – the good old 100% chance-of-sunshine, 100% chance-of-rain state of Florida.

While we were there, I made him promise me that we could go to my very favorite dog park on the planet – Fleet Peeples Park in Orlando, Florida! I told him that I realized we were taking the risk of looking like crazy people – going there without a dog and all- and that I was willing to take that chance.

So Sam obliged since he’s generally pretty wonderful like that – and we spent the late hours of our Sunday afternoon perusing the shores of Fleet Peeples Park. The weather was a perfect, balmy 80 degrees and the clouds in the sky looked like a painting as the sun began it’s descent to the horizon.

Lucky for me, I ran into a wonderful woman on the beach by the name of Kathy. She was enjoying the last of the afternoon with her four beautiful pups down by the water:

Marmaduke, the “8 lb chihuahua with 80 lbs of attitude” as she says

Jinx, the Chinese Crested

( this is the first opportunity I’d ever gotten to shoot with a Chinese Crested! they’re amazing! yay! How’s that for portfolio diversity?! ๐Ÿ˜›ย )

Piper, the incredible swimming-fetching-running-wagging Border Collie machine!

And Bo! (right) the gorgeous mixed breed shy guy with the honey eyes

I was so excited to be back at Fleet Peeples. I spent so much time there when I used to live in Orlando. It’s like heaven for puppies. It was the perfect dose of sunshine and nostalgia and I hope to go back again soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Til Next Time!



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