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My business cards are in! And, I couldn’t be more thrilled with them!

After laboring over the design of these guys for relentless hours – I finally came up with this perfect formula that consists of

2 parts color, 3 parts design, and 1 part love.

I have to take a minute to gloat about MOO Cards – where I got these printed.

Pricey? – yes. But, their attention to detail, quality and customer service is what really makes their product stand out above the rest.

The best part?

There is a different photo on the back of every single card! More fuzzy sunshine faces than I can count, and I couldn’t be happier.

As for the other side of the card, lime green is my color of choice. I’ve always loved shades of green- they feel so fresh, clean and modern. And I probably spent three days browsing the interwebs before discovering that font you see there. Heh. Oh, the anatomy of branding…

The logo was designed by the simultaneously adorable and infinitely talented Jess Baer. You must see her work, she’s the bomb-diggity. (Oh, hello 1994.)

But seriously, check her out –

She designed the logo of the dog with the green bone after my pup Toby, the one-and-only sunshine of my life. You’ll see his perfect, multi-colored face sprinkled throughout my portfolio – and I promise, you’ll know that goofy smile when you see it.

So, yay for business cards being done. And then another yay for moving into the next phase of this lucky, lucky life of mine.


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